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Exercises for the back

these exercisesBased on yoga asanas are very effectiveBecause they are natural for our body. Every morning after sleep everyone wants to stretch, we unconsciously take such positions to unload the back, relieve tension from it.

If you drive passive lifestyle, You have to stay at the computer for a long timeThroughout the day in one pose, you suffer from constant aching pain in the lower back, this charging will bring you a wonderful release from all problems with your back! Begin to improve your health immediately.

Exercises for the back

  1. Lie on your back, place a small pillow or a folded towel under your shoulder blades. Keep your feet together, take your knees to the sides, your breathing is calm. Linger in this pose for a few minutes.
  2. Exercises for the back

  3. Sitting on his heels, clasp the pillow with his knees and put his arms around her. For 10-20 breaths, relax with your head turned in one direction. Then do the same on the other side.
  4. Exercises for the back

  5. Remove the pillow, stretch your arms in front of you and slightly to the sides, slightly wider than your shoulders. Feel how your sides and shoulders stretch. Take a deep breath, gently creep over to the other side and stretch again.
  6. Exercises for the back

  7. Kneel, bend your back up, relax your neck, hands and knees firmly rest on the floor, the crown of the head looks on the floor. Like a kitty, is not it? Cats know how to stretch properly!
  8. Exercises for the back

  9. On inspiration, rot in the back, pull up with coccyx, look upwards. Then exhale back to the previous cat position. Alternate these two poses for 10 breaths.
  10. Exercises for the back

  11. Standing on your knees, put your hand under you and rest on yourOne shoulder, put more emphasis on the hand that is closer to the elbow. The head looks away, the neck is relaxed. Feel how the shoulder stretches.
  12. Exercises for the back

  13. Sitting or kneeling, raise your hands in the lock with your hands palm up. Keep the spine in a neutral position, trying not to bend forward or backward or to the sides.
  14. Exercises for the back

  15. Being in the position of the previous exercise, move your hands forward in the lock with your hands from yourself, your face looks down, your back is round. You should feel the tension between the shoulder blades.
  16. Exercises for the back

  17. Keep your hands in the lock behind your back with your hands inside. Carefully straighten your back and set your arms straight back slightly and up.
  18. Exercises for the back

  19. With your left hand, grab your waist from behind. And with your right hand, press the palm of your left to the side. Stretch your ear to the right shoulder. This exercise helps you stretch the left side of your neck and your left shoulder. Then repeat the same on the other side.
  20. Exercises for the back

  21. Lie down on the floor, straighten your legs, put a pillow under the basin. Your shoulders, as well as your back, should lie on the floor. You should feel how the front part of the hip extends. Lie on your back for a minute.
  22. Exercises for the back

  23. And the last exercise is to move the pillow under your knees and completely relax the body for five minutes.
  24. Exercises for the back

This simple charging very well removes all Clamps from the back. You will feel like anew born person after a long sedentary work! I'll go do a couple of exercises ...

Advise friends this article, because problems with the back are now so common.