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Reasons to drink tea

"so simple!" I recently told you about the benefits of coffee, but I would also like to draw your attention to another no less useful drink - tea.

He can calm you down when you want to relax or wake up if you need extra energy. It is difficult to list all Dignity of tea. So let's move on to the facts.

Reasons to drink tea

  1. Tea is much easier to make than coffee.
    In order to make coffee, most oftenRequires a special technique. Sometimes you even have to grind coffee beans. All you need for tea is boiled water, tea and a mug. It's simple.
    The girl is developing tea

  2. Green tea will help you keep your bones healthy.
    Green tea is very useful for the elderly, since it can reduce the risk of osteoporotic fractures of bones.
    Men are drinking tea

  3. Unsweetened black tea will help you get rid of bad breath.
    If you have a bad smell from your mouth, drink black tea. Studies show that it contains chemical components - polyphenols, which slow down the formation of bacteria that cause bad smell from the mouth.
    Brewed tea

  4. In China tea is considered a vital necessity.
    Along with firewood, rice, oil, salt and vinegar, tea is considered a thing, without which people can not do a day.
    The tea is poured into a cup

  5. Tea has soothing properties.
    Herbal teas are able to soothe and relax a person. The big plus of them is that they do not contain chemistry in difference from medicines.
    Woman is drinking tea

  6. Tea can ease seasonal allergies.
    If you suffer from seasonal allergies, start your day with a mug of tea with nettle. Studies show that the leaves of this plant can alleviate allergy symptoms.
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  7. Some scientists argue that tea is even more useful than water.
    Tea can moisturize your body in the same way water does, that is, it can completely replace water. As in the composition of tea there are antioxidants, it is even more useful than water.
    Man with a cup

  8. Afternoon tea. Do I need to say something else?
    He was coined to narrow the gap between dinner dinner to make a small snack.
    The man is drinking tea

Do you still drink coffee? These 8 reasons should convince you that tea is a very tasty and Useful drink, Which is a worthy competition for drinking from fragrant grains.

Tell your friends about the benefits of this Noble drink!!