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The value of food

These simple and understandable pictures will be useful to everyone who follows their food. Looking at them, you can easily determine the nutritional value of such foods that are habitual in our diet: meat, milk, cereals ...

You will easily notice which product contains the greatest amount of carbohydrates, and which is fat. So that Eat in a balanced manner, Do not need much effort. It is enough to own the necessary information, which is very clearly visible in these images.

Infographics about the nutritional value of products

Nutritional value of dairy products

Food value of meat

Nutritional value of legumes

Nutritional value of fish and seafood

Nutritional value of cereals

Watch what you eat, it's the basisYour health. The number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the daily menu should be harmoniously represented. If you follow this rule, you will never have problems with being overweight, and energy will be enough to lead a bright life!

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