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How to clean the lungs

Smoking is the voluntary choice of everyone. Well, if you managed to escape this temptation and save your health. But what about those who are well aware of the dangers of smoking, but can not quit? Remember that if your lungs had a voice, they would never have chosen a cigarette.

Contaminated lungs Can cause serious diseases, because theirShould be periodically cleared of toxins. This is a useful practice for all smokers and those brave people who decided to stop this business. For your health it's worth trying!


How to effectively clean the lungs

  1. Two days before the beginning of the lung cleansing process, all dairy products are excluded from their menu. These products also contain toxins in the body, let first the body get rid of them.
  2. In the evening on the eve of the first day of cleansing drink a teapot of herbal tea - it is very useful for the intestines.

    All three days during which will occur Purification of the lungs, Follow these instructions:

  3. Drink a juice before breakfast, squeezed out of two lemons, diluted in 300 ml of water. Sour juice is very useful - it is rich in antioxidants, which will clear the lungs well.
  4. Between breakfast and lunch, drink 400 ml of carrot juice. It is also very tasty! A useful property of carrot juice is the alkalization of blood.
  5. During lunch drink to your choice: a compote of dried fruits, yogurt with whole dried apricots or prunes. These products contain potassium, which will miraculously bring the whole body to tone.
  6. Before going to bed it is ideal to drink 400 ml of cranberry or blueberry juice from frozen berries. Also suitable pomegranate juice. This will help fight bacteria that cause Infections in the lungs.
  7. Take every day a warm bath, 20 minutes will be enough to eliminate toxins. It is useful to go to the sauna, with sweating, the effect is even better.
  8. The last stage is inhalation. In the old fashion, hold your head wrapped in a towel, over a hot water solution and 10-15 drops of eucalyptus.

These 8 steps will lead you into a whole new world of easy breathing. The more oxygen you get, the better your brain works. Because there is a high probability that after Purification of the lungs You will become lighter on the soul, but it will be easier to think.

Hurry to tell all the smoking friends about this article! Clearing the lungs is vital.