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Harmful products

You already know a lot about the harm treated, Artificial food. Surely you met such information,Because you can not close your eyes to this problem anymore. Dangerous food overflows our stores, the consumer society calls for buying and trying more and more products that seem to be attractive and very tasty ...

But this food is like a beautiful poisoned apple that has fallen snow-white from an evil sorceress. Stop doubting, stop eating garbage. Here are good reasons to help you get started. Be selective about food.

Reasons to refuse harmful food

Dangerous food

  1. saving
    A great motivation is not to eat harmful food -The realization that this will help you to save. Fresh vegetables, fruits, meat - much cheaper than various semi-finished products, ready meals and an endless chain of snacks. Just think: you spend more of your earned money to buy food that makes you an unhealthy person. Something is wrong here, do not you think?

  2. Away the phosphates!
    Modified and processed products containA large number of phosphates. Phosphates help these products last longer and have an appetizing appearance. But for man they are extremely harmful. Earlier aging, liver and kidney problems, weak bones - all this bouquet you get together with another yummy.

  3. Eliminate the habit
    Processed foods always contain a large amount of carbohydrates and cause Carbohydrate dependence, This is akin to addiction. The level of sugar in the blood jumps dramatically, and there is nothing good in this. Until you get another dose of a very sweet, very salty, chemical product, there will be no rest.

    Harmful foods want to eat more and more, they are addictive. And then - diabetes, obesity and heart problems. Is it worth going to such sacrifices for the sake of such dubious pleasures?

  4. Remember your health
    Harmful food stimulates the appearance of infections and inflammation in the body. This is an environment in which harmful bacteria propagate very well. Leave these microbes alone, enough to eat them.

  5. be smarter
    Proper nutrition helps your brain betterTo think. You become collected, workable thanks to him. But the harmful products cloud the brain and mind, you're much worse than start thinking. Refined sugar is useful in very small quantities as a source of glucose for the brain. All that contains more than a teaspoon of sugar, contributes to your degradation.

  6. Save your organs
    Processed foods destroy your internalOrgans. They are so unnatural for the body that he can not imagine how to deal with these products. Because the digestive system from the use of them gradually begins to malfunction and hurt.

  7. without GMO
    A large number of products now produceLaboratories. Genetically modified organisms are associated with infertility, organ damage and cancer. An excessive amount of these products entails an increase in weight, pollutes your blood, intestines. It's poison, whatever one may say.

  8. Without pesticides
    In order to grow geneticallyModified organisms used in processed foods, ordinary farmers use a huge amount of pesticides. You would not buy this dry breakfast if you knew that there are about 70 different pesticides that will significantly change your state of health.

  9. Only real products!
    Cease to eat what the matrix has created. Think: all this chemistry - why do you need it? The simplest way to evaluate the nutritional value of foods - see how animals, insects, bacteria and fungi react to them. Real products rot, they grow mold over time.

    Processed products are synthetic, andIngredients can be severe falsification and modification. If even the ant refuses to eat it, maybe you should think twice, than bite off another piece?

Feed so that you are not ashamed of it in front of your body, for which you are responsible. health status - the result of your overall lifestyle. From the smallest details is a puzzle that can extend your happy story for years, and can cause an incurable disease. Choose, of course, you!

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