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Yoga postures for the cervical department

Yoga is not only a great way to keep your body in shape. Yoga postures With success are used to get rid of pain and sprain, which helps with intervertebral hernias.

Yoga has already been said a lot, but for some reason it is not soYou can often find something about the cervical spine. But this area, which connects our head and body, is very sensitive and often suffers from fatigue, stress, various injuries and their consequences.

"so simple!" Will acquaint you with asanas of yoga, which will help you cope with the pain and Tension in the neck.

Yoga with pain in the neck

  1. Shoulder stretch
    Lying on your stomach, stretch your hand palm upward at a right angle to the body. You can press it a little with your left hand.

    If you want to raise your left hand to the ceiling, bend your hand and let your hand fall to the floor. Being in this position for as long as you think necessary.

    If you feel that there is still room for maneuver, let your left hand meet the right in the cotton. Breathe in such a position for a while.

    Warning: this stretching is very deep. Make each movement very slowly and smoothly.

  2. Yoga Pose

  3. Shoulder stretch
    Kneel, put two blocks in front of you, put your elbows on them. Bring your hands as if in prayer, tilt your head down, put your hands on your back. Holding on for ten deep breaths.
  4. Yoga Pose

  5. Hands "cow face"
    Kneeling, raise your right hand to the ceiling,Bend the right elbow and let the right arm fall between the shoulder blades. Take your left hand by the elbow of your right hand and let the weight of your arm slightly lower your right hand farther behind your back (do not press).

    Make five deep breaths, slightly deviatingBack. Lower your left hand down, bend your elbow and try to reach the center of your back and take hold of your right arm. Take five deep breaths. Try not to put pressure on your neck with your right hand.

  6. Yoga Pose

  7. Tilt forward and stretch the shoulders
    From the standing position, pop in the palm of your hand behind your back. Bend down, hold hands together, take your hands. Do five to ten deep breaths.
  8. Yoga Pose

  9. Stretching the shoulders against the wall
    Place the forearms on the wall, parallel to each other below the height of the shoulders. Walk away from the wall a couple of steps, relaxed to lower your head between your hands. Take five deep breaths.
  10. Yoga Pose

  11. Posture of fish with support
    Put one block where the blades will be, and the other - under the head. Relaxed lie on the blocks, make yourself comfortable, place your hands on both sides. Take five deep breaths.
  12. Yoga Pose

  13. Needle thread
    On all fours, hold your right hand under your body. With your right temples and shoulder pressed to the floor. The left hand remains in place. Do ten deep breaths. Repeat the same for the other side only.
  14. Yoga Pose

  15. Turning back in the sitting position
    Sit down, legs stretch out in front of you. Bend the right knee and place the right foot outside the left knee. You can keep your left leg straight or bend.

    Hug your right leg with your left hand, put your right hand on the floor behind the rump. Take five deep breaths. Repeat the same for the other side.

    I hope these 8 poses will allow you to develop a cervical department and feel better.

  16. Yoga Pose

So that in the future there will be no Neck problems, Follow some simple recommendations: Do not look at the phone while walking. This leads to pain and sprains. Also try as often as possible to do a simple movement - to lower and pull back the shoulders. So the neck automatically takes up the optimum position.

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