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21 reason to love wine

Women always liked wine and preferred it to other drinks. The wine shared with them all the sorrows and joys, was near to support, comfort and encourage. So why wine - Women's drink number 1?

For which women love wine

  1. It makes you feel cool.
    She can sit in underpants under the blanket, but if the lady in her hand wineglass, Filled with wine, she feels herself on top.
  2. It's almost a fruit.
    The wine is made from grapes, so it is almost like a fruit. So that a woman does not drink wine, she eats a fruit salad.
  3. Even if she has lilac teeth, she still feels very sexy.
    A woman, most likely, does not even notice that her teeth-pearls are 5 shades darker.
  4. Even if she fights, she still feels great.
    Your girlfriend may not look the best, but she will definitely feel that way.

    But is not it more important than appearance?

  5. From wine does not inflate, as from beer.
    From wine a woman does not feel swollen, as it happens after other alcoholic beverages.
  6. The bartender can not spoil anything.
    With other drinks there is a chance that the barman somehow will not cook them or pour beer with foam. As for wine, the only thing that can be done with it is to undercharge.
  7. Talking about wine, the woman looks smart and pretentious.
    She may not know anything about bouquets and varieties of wine, but the girl knows that she likes "risling" and this should be enough.
  8. This is a good excuse to eat all the cheese.
    If a lady needs some other justification other than "I wanted to," you can say that all the cheese she ate was snacking to wine.
  9. No one will judge if she drinks wine at 9 am on board the plane.
    Everyone understands that flights can become a source of stress. It is for this reason that they serve alcohol on board.
  10. You can drink wine before your parents, and they will not think that their daughter is an alcoholic.
    Finally, at least something can convince them.
  11. No one will look at the woman askance, even if she drinks the whole bottle.
    Moreover, it is encouraged. And then why all these proposals - 2 at a price of 1?
  12. A glass of red wine is equivalent to an hour in the gym.
    In the grapes from which wine is made, resveratrol is contained, which positively affects muscles, bones and heart. This applies only to red wine, and it needs no more than 1 glass per day.
  13. Because now it is made in the form of ice cream.
    Wine ice cream

    Well, how can you deny yourself this?

  14. Wine is a good reason to stay at home on a cold evening.
    Cold can already be a sufficient cause, but if there is also wine, the evening promises to be more cozy. But drinking alone is not very good, so we move on to the next point ...
  15. A bottle of wine is the best bait to make a friend spend an evening at your company.
    One bottle for you, the second for me. Whoever drinks first will win.
  16. It does not matter how much wine it costs - it does the same anyway.
    When a woman drinks wine, she may have two goals - to get drunk or fall asleep. Help with this can both the cheapest and the more expensive option.
  17. Conversations that happen between people who drink wine, not like with another type of alcohol.
    If a girl is drunk with vodka or tequila, it is impossible to understand what she is trying to say. But if she absorbed the liters of wine - she keeps her sanity.
  18. Drink a lot of wine - much better than a lot to eat.
    After a pile of food a woman feels unhappy, tired and bloated. After the wine, she will have a maximum headache.
  19. Wine acts as a medicine.
    Wine therapy is a great way to momentarily forget about your women's concerns and become a bit more frivolous.
  20. She can drink a glass or two at lunch time, and no one will notice.
    believe me.
  21. This is the best sleeping pills that you can buy without a prescription.
    She may not remember how she fell asleep, but it will in any case be the best dream in her life.

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