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Than chia seeds are useful

If you have not yet encountered such a wonderful product as Chia seeds, This article will help you discover it for yourself.

Only a healthy person can be happy. How wonderful that nature took care of us and gave us a lot of natural remedies, thanks to which many diseases can be cured or prevented! Seeds chia originally from Mexico, this culture was widely used as a medicine in the Aztecs.

An incredibly valuable product contains 20% protein,34% of fats, 25% of dietary fiber, and a significant amount of antioxidants. Is especially rich in linolenic and other omega-3-unsaturated fatty acids. What is the use of these substances?

Chia dessert seeds

Than useful chia seeds


  1. weight loss
    Because these seeds absorb a lot of water immediately after they get into the stomach, a person has a feeling of satiety. Chia Means quickly and effectively lose weight without harm forHealth, because these seeds contain all the vitamins and nutrients necessary for a healthy life. You will lose the craving for harmful food, which is also important.
  2. A powerful source of calcium
    In seeds chia calcium is five times more than inMilk, and twice as much potassium as in bananas. For vegetarians this product is simply irreplaceable! And anyone who wants to saturate the body with calcium, should try these seeds-calcium in them is absorbed by the body completely. No more problems with brittle bones, bad nails and hair!
  3. Omega-3 fatty acids are a medicine
    Fatty acids in chia seeds are abundant,As much as in the red fish. Recall the properties of these acids: they reduce cholesterol, improve heart function, help to cope with depression, mood disorders. Fatty acids contribute to the better work of our brain and have a good effect on the skin condition.
  4. Eternal youth
    These unsurpassed seeds contain a hugeA quantity of antioxidants that will help you look younger than your age and avoid many infectious diseases. The concentration of antioxidants in these normal-looking seeds is greater than in fresh blueberries and blueberries! Incredible.
  5. energy
    For everyone who is passionate about sports and likes special nutritional supplements, Which increase the energy resource forMore effective trainings, these seeds will be very useful. They contain as many valuable substances for the body as protein and carbohydrate cocktails that are drunk with the goal of gaining weight or being more enduring. An excellent product for athletes!

4 tablespoons a day - this is the number of seedsChia, which will have the most beneficial effect on your health. You can start with one tablespoon and gradually increase this amount. Seeds are neutral to taste, they can be added to cereals, soups, yoghurts, sprinkle them with salads. Chia seeds are stored for a very long time, which is also important.

Try to eat these precious seeds, and you will immediately see how your state of health will change. Be sure to share this health recipe with your loved ones!