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Exercise strap

This exercise is called Bar, And it will change your view of the familiarTraining. If you do it right, you will have all the basic muscles - the abdomen, the shoulder girdle, arms, legs. Thanks to him you can strengthen the whole body and be in good shape, not particularly straining.

Secret exercise bar - in Static, You must hang over the floor, resting onlyOn the arms and toes of the legs. Keep in this position you need only 1-2 minutes, but the result is staggering. In a couple of days of such training your body will be tightened, all muscles will come in a tonus!

Bar exercise

How to correctly set the bar

  1. Lie down on the floor with your stomach down. Bend your arms in the elbows at a right angle, rely only on the forearms and the tips of your toes. Make sure that the body is a straight, even line. Do not tilt your head down, do not put your chin on your chest.
  2. Tense the abdominal muscles, and do not relax them until the end of the exercise. Do not bend your hips towards the floor.
  3. Keep your feet together, so load on the abdominal musclesthere will be more. Stretch your legs and keep them level. Gluteal muscles should also be tense. The waist is flat, in any case do not bend it. Shoulders should not stick out like wings. Keep the stomach tight and tight, but do not hold your breath - breathe evenly. Keep elbows strictly under the shoulder joints.
  4. Start small - stay in that position 30Seconds. Every time increase the training time, gradually you can so hang over the floor for 2 minutes. This is a very useful, safe load for all muscles, which will strengthen your overall condition.

Bar exercise

Option exercise - The bar on elongated, even hands. We strengthen hands!

Bar exercise

Side bar - Complicated option. So it is more difficult to keep the balance, but in the end the lateral muscles strain, which is very good for the figure.

  1. Lying on the left side, place the elbow exactly under the shoulder, the legs should be straight. Put your right hand on your right hip.
  2. Strain the muscles of the press and lift the pelvis from the floor until a diagonal is formed. Follow the body - it should be in a perfectly straight position.

Bar exercise

Strap with raised hand - for the previous exercisesAthletes. Keeping the direct position of the body, as with the usual bar, pull one hand forward. Relying on one hand, maintaining balance is difficult, but the effect is stunning. Repeat in turn with each hand.

Bar exercise

Another option that will complicate the exercise. Making Bar with raised foot, You will increase the load on the abdominal muscles even more.

Take the position, as with the usual bar. Without changing the position of the body, lift one leg up slightly above the shoulders in the straight state. Pull up your toes with your fingers. Stay in this position for as long as you can. Rest, and then repeat the same with the other leg.

Bar exercise

At first, during the execution of this exercises, Your muscles will tremble. Do not worry - it's normal, when the muscles become stronger, they will shake less. This training will make you stronger, fit. To become more athletic is very easy! The exercise of the bar does not take much time, it can be done at home, but the action is obvious.

Whether in Good form And help your friends to look after themselves! Show them this simple training, it will suit even those who can not tolerate sports.