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7 leg exercises

Forget about complex simulators and endless sweepsFeet! It is necessary to move in a new direction. These multitask exercises are aimed at the most effective work with the inner and outer thighs, quadriceps and hamstrings.

This complex Leg exercises Includes elements of martial arts, yoga, dance and strength training. The result will please you!

Exercises for slender legs

  1. Punch from a turn / squat

    • Feet shoulder width apart, knees relaxed.
    • Clench fists under the jaw, elbows near the ribs, shoulders relaxed.
    • Turn right 45 °.
    • Pull your left foot to the side, the sock looks at the floor.
    • Make a punch from the turn: raise the left knee to a comfortable height for yourself, so that the outer part of the thigh is closer to the ceiling.
    • Straighten your leg and take away from yourself. Keep the toe outstretched to the ceiling.
    • Lower your leg and turn back. Socks look forward.
    • Sit down, knees are at the ankle level.
    • Change your foot and repeat.
  2. Stretching of the femoral muscles with circular motions
    Stretching of the femoral muscles

    • Feet shoulder width apart, shoulder blades together, hands on the sides.
    • Keep your right foot straight, your knees relax. Lift the left leg back, pull the sock, while you feel the contraction of the gluteal muscles. Do not bend your back.
    • A toe of the left leg is carried out on a circle consisting of 4 points. First clockwise, and then against.
    • Do the same for the left foot. Change sides, repeat.
  3. Position on the chair / back attacks
    Leg training

    • Feet together.
    • Take your hips back and sit down, as if sitting on a chair.
    • Keep your knees and ankles at the same level, squeeze your legs. Stretch the arm near the ears, the head should be on the same line with the spine.
    • In this position, count to 5.
    • Hands on the sides, right foot, make a lunging back. Keep your knees and ankles at the same level
    • Count to 5.
    • Return to the starting position, repeat the position "on the chair," and then change your legs when you drop.
    • Execute 5 times for each side.
  4. Squatting on the socks
    Sit-ups on socks

    • Legs wider than shoulders in half. The toes and knees look in different directions. A little up on the tiptoe.
    • Hands stretch out to the sides at shoulder level with the palms facing down.
    • Sit down, slightly pushing your hips back and holding your knees and ankles at the same level.
    • Straightened legs, standing on toes, knees relaxed. repeat.
  5. Blow over the crescent chair
    Leg exercise

    • Stand at arm's length from the back of the chair. Fists under the jaw, shoulders and knees are relaxed.
    • Lift the left knee and draw an arc with your left foot over the chair from right to left.
    • Change your legs and repeat.
  6. Warrior / tree position
    Warrior's pose

    • Feet together.
    • With your right foot, make a lunging back. Sock the right foot, rotate by 45 °.
    • Bend the left knee by 90 °.
    • Hands on the sides at the height of the shoulders with the palms down.
    • Count to 5. The sight is directed above the hand that is in front.
    • Raise your hands above your head, unite them, exhale.
    • Feet together. Lift the right knee to the height of the hips. Place the foot on the inner side of the left thigh. Hands on the sides.
    • Slowly count to 10.
    • Change your legs. Repeat all over again.
    • Execute 5 times for each side.
  7. Curtsy

    • Feet shoulder width apart, hands on sides.
    • Take the right leg back and crosswise, so that the inner parts of the hips touch.
    • Bend the left knee 90 °, the sock looks forward, return to the starting position.
    • Raise your right foot to the side as high as you can, keeping your foot straight and your knee relaxed.
    • Return to the starting position, change sides and repeat.

Do these Exercises for legs and buttocks 3-4 times a week 12-15 times for 2-3 approaches orOther number of times, if it is indicated in the description. In 4 weeks you will see the first results. Put a little effort, and your legs will be extraordinarily beautiful and slim!

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