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Causes there is an avocado every day

Recently appeared yet she a weighty reason to love Alligator pear. New research shows that if a person eats 1 avocado per day, as part of a general diet, it lowers cholesterol.

The benefits of avocado

American Researchers Selected 45 people aged 21 to 70, overweight, to find a way to reduce cholesterol.

These people were divided into 3 groups, appointing them Different diets. Diet of the first group consisted in the use of fruits with Low in fat, Dairy products, poultry meat, whole grains. Without avocado.

Two other diets consisted of eating foods with moderately High in fat. The only difference between the diets of the second and third group was that one whole avocado was included in the diet of the latter daily.

At the end of the study, the researchers found that only a diet that Included avocado Led to a significant reduction in cholesterol, compared with the other two diets. The level of cholesterol decreased by half in people who ate avocados every day!

Why does the alligator pear so favorably affect the human body? Scientists say that this is a fruit with A unique combination of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other bioactive substances.

Avocado pictures

Avocado is able to lower cholesterol, andThis means that it has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. People with risk factors for cardiovascular disease, it is recommended to eat this fruit daily.

The use of the alligator pear for manIs indisputable. Avocado can be a good helper for people suffering from excess cholesterol in the blood or those who are trying to lose weight. Fall in love with this fruit and it will help you to become healthier!