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10 products for a flat stomach

For people who work hard on their Physical form, An important issue is the issue of nutrition. Because it is not enough to choose the right set of exercises, you need to think about your diet in detail and stick to it.

You can not allow the wrong diet to negate all of your efforts. these 10 products You can safely use it if you work on the muscles of the press. They not only do not harm, but even help to achieve the desired result more quickly and efficiently.

10 products for a flat stomach

  1. Almonds
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    These delicious nuts are a rich sourceFiber and protein, and also contain vitamin E and antioxidants. Moreover, with almonds we get magnesium, which is simply necessary for the body to produce energy, build muscle tissue and regulate blood sugar levels. When the sugar level is normal, a person does not overeat, and the body does not accumulate fats. For maximum effect, eat about 23 nuts per day.

  2. Eggs
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    This product is the best source of protein. It also contains amino acids that are indispensable for the alignment of muscle tissue and the production of chemicals in the brain. Except that eggs are very useful, they are also extremely nourishing. You have more chances to hold out until dinner, if you eat a couple of eggs for breakfast than fast carbohydrates in the form of cookies or bagels. But it is best to eat 1 egg a day.

  3. soya beans
    soya beans

    Soybeans - an excellent source of protein, fiberAnd antioxidants. Dried beans can be snacked, peeled "edamame" to add to the soup or put a little tofu in the morning smoothie. Liquid soy is also suitable as a substitute for food. Studies have shown that those who drink dietary cocktails based on soy milk lose more weight than those who drink drinks based on ordinary milk. You need to drink 25 grams of whole soy protein a day.

  4. Apples
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    Studies were carried out for 3 months onTwo groups of slimming women. Those who consumed 3 apples or pears a day lost more weight than their opponents who ate fruit instead of oatmeal cookies. A large apple contains 5 grams of fiber, but at the same time it is 85% water, which allows this fruit to perfectly satisfy both hunger and thirst. Use one or two apples a day.

  5. Berries
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    Berries are a rich source of fiber. They contain a large number of antioxidants that not only protect against chronic diseases, but can also help you increase the effectiveness of training. Antioxidants improve blood circulation, which is useful for muscles. Use at least half a cup of berries a day, this is 30 calories. Choose a variety of berries - raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, gooseberries, currants and others.

  6. greenery
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    One cup of spinach contains only 40 calories, andBroccoli - 55, so their use will necessarily have a positive effect on the size of your waist. From this amount of greenery the body will receive not only 20% of the daily dose of fiber, but also cancer preventing substances - carotenoids. And the calcium contained in the green will benefit your muscles.

  7. yogurt
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    Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium for the body. Also, he puts in order the digestive system, allowing to avoid discomfort, swelling or frustration. Use 1 to 3 cups of yogurt with low fat (or fat-free) per day. Give preference to unsweetened yogurt with active cultures. For a better taste, you can add fruit to it.

  8. vegetable soup
    vegetable soup

    Another study of the effect of nutrition on the processWeight loss has shown that the use of soups based on broth or cream with low fat is much better for the figure than if you eat the same amount of calories in the form of snacks. Also in the soup can add the necessary vegetables and get a large amount of vitamins. Use at least one cup of low-fat vegetable soup a day.

  9. salmon

    Seafood, especially fish, is richSource of omega-3 fatty acids. They improve metabolism and help to burn fat more efficiently. They also slow down digestion and discourage excessive cravings for food. If you do not like seafood, you can replace them with flax seeds or walnuts.

  10. Quinoa

    It is also called movie. Half a cup of this cereal contains 11 grams of protein. The swan is cooked like any other cereal, although some brands say that it needs to be washed. The taste of the quinoa resembles a nut, and the texture is something between crunchy and chewing. Use at least half a cup a day.

These 10 useful foods will help you plan your nutrition in such a way that Training for the press Or other muscles were of maximum benefit.

Applying the right diet in combination with a competent exercise, you are without doubt on the right path and are not far behind your Flat belly And an aspen waist. Put a little effort, and the result will not take long!