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How Food Affects Genes

It's amazing how mankind has advanced in the study of genes for some 150 years. And even more surprising is that Number of genes In humans, much less than in more simple animals. For example, people have about 25,000 genes, while a tiny water flea has 30,000 of them!

Scientists found that although we can not affect the number of genes, we can change them without changing the Structure of the dnk. One way we can influence genes is through the products that we eat.

just imagine: A regular fork not only transports food to the mouth, it can be used as a genetic switch to change your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol level, slow the growth of cancer, and even slow down aging.

The scientists conducted an experiment. They assigned a diet to a group of people, which consisted of plant food. How can the diet, which consists of fruits, vegetables and low amounts of fats, affect our genes?


The effect of eating on genes

  1. This diet is able to turn off the genes responsible for prostate cancer.
    A group of 31 men with prostate cancer,Such a diet, walking and meditation. After 3 months, the genes responsible for tumor growth significantly decreased their activity, and the tumors themselves decreased.
  2. It slows down aging.
    In the same group, scientists measured activityAn enzyme produced by telomerase genes, which are believed to be involved in slowing down the aging process. And studies have shown that the aging process has really slowed down.
  3. This diet improves blood circulation and normalizes weight.
    63 people with heart disease were also studied,Who adhered to the vegetable diet and compared them with the same group of people who do not adhere to any diet. The second group did not notice any health changes, and those who adhered to the diet, blood pressure fell by about 10% and weight loss was seen.

It's just fantastic how healthy food affects a person's genes. This is our future. To remain healthy and to overcome weight of illnesses it is enough to consume a lot of vegetative food!

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