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The Nobel Prize - 2016

Here comes the long-awaited Nobel Week, During which the laureates of one of theThe most prestigious awards. On Monday, October 3, 2016, the Honorary Committee announced the name of the first laureate to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine. It was the Japanese scientist Yoshinori Osumi.

Nobel Prize 2016

Nobel Prize for Medicine 2016

For a researcher from the TokyoUniversity this nomination was a complete surprise. Because this is a very rare phenomenon when one person receives a bonus. Often a reward is shared among themselves by several scientists.

Yoshinori Osumi was awarded this prize thanks toHis discoveries in the field of autophagy - the process of utilization and processing of unnecessary parts of the cell of the human body. From Greek, "autophagy" is translated as "self-eating".

Nobel Prize for Medicine 2016

In every cell of the human body there isBuilt-in mechanism for processing and recycling waste: unnecessary proteins, destroyed bacteria, processed biomaterial. For the first time this process was described in detail by the Belgian scientist Cristian de Duve in 1963. In the figure you can see the scheme of the process of autophagy.

Nobel Prize for Medicine 2016

Sugami investigated the phenomenon of autophagy moreIn detail, experimenting with strains of yeast, in which the process of autophagy proceeded with deviations from the norm. The discoveries of the Japanese scientist led to a new understanding of physiological processes, such as adapting to hunger or responding to infection.

Nobel Prize for Medicine 2016

Осуoumi concluded that fasting is incredibleA useful tradition that helps the body in a short period not only to purify itself, but also to rejuvenate. Colleagues of the scientist also confirm the fact that autophagy protects the body from premature aging.

Nobel Prize for Medicine 2016

December 10 in Stockholm, the award ceremony will be held Nobel laureates, Where Yoshinori Osumi will receive his prize of 950 thousand dollars. Hope the scientist will dispose of the money correctly and make more than one discovery in the field of medicine.

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