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Training 73-year-old grandfather

Anatoly Nikitovich is a completely unusual grandfather. Or rather, after you watch this video, his grandfather called him just the language does not turn. In 73 years this person gets up what is beyond the power of many young athletes!

The energy and endurance of the grandfather is amazing. as? How did he achieve such a body, such a development of his capabilities?

Complex of exercises from Anatoly NikitovichWill make any man strong and beautiful regardless of age. It consists of 40 static small workouts for different muscle groups. It is due to the static nature of the load is so effective, the body immediately becomes relieved - the muscles are drawn very quickly.

Of course, in order to achieve such a brilliant result, Senior athlete Worked more than half his life. He was engaged in summer sports grounds, all exercises are designed specifically for equipped in this way the site. Some types of training can not be performed without special training, because Anatoly Nikitovich offers athletes to warm up well and prepare their body for serious loads, starting with small ones.

Complex exercises for all ages

When you look at this person, you involuntarily want to go to the sports ground right now. This grandfather is worthy an example to follow!! He showed everyone what to do in order to be eternally young.

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