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6 yoga exercises for insomnia

Dear friend, if you are just like me,"Lucky" to spend a grueling day at work, just falling asleep on the go, because last night you could not fall asleep, do not despair - you are not alone! If you believe in psychological research, millions of people around the world suffer from insomnia.

Scientists managed to establish that, in addition to the habit of going to bed late and consuming caffeine in large quantities, the main cause of insomnia is stress.

How is it Get rid of daily anxiety About work, health and family that are notGive you sleep at night? there is an exit! Studies show that doing yoga in conjunction with various spiritual, psychological and physical practices can positively affect the quality of your sleep. In addition, scientists suggest that such exercises can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also positively affect its duration.

These exercises will even help people "sitting" on various sleeping pills, get rid of their addiction.

Yoga today, as never before, is very popular,So you can easily find a suitable club for practicing yoga. But if you are tired of insomnia and want to achieve an immediate result, if you are ready Do yoga Right now, this simplest complex, consisting of 6 exercises that contribute to relaxation and a healthy sleep, just for you! Ready? Then dare!

Asanas in yoga, improving the quality of sleep

  1. Restorative posture of "dragonfly"
    Lie on your stomach, putting your elbows under you. Put your forearms so that they lie parallel to the front of the rug. The right forearm should be in front of the left one. Fold your arms so that both lie straight.

    Before stretching your shoulders, make sure thatYour hands are located just below the clavicles. Move your shoulder blades towards your hips and gently lean your elbows on the top of your hands. Close your eyes, do 10 deep breaths and exhalations. Do the same on the other side, putting your left forearm in front of the right.

  2. Dragonfly posture

  3. Posture of the "butterfly" lying down
    Lean your elbows on your back. Stretch out your arms and spread them to the sides. After you did this, bend your legs in your lap, putting your feet on the floor. Scrape your knees, then put your left knee on the right. Slip the hip to the left edge of the rug. Do 10 slow breaths and repeat the same on the other side.
  4. Butterfly posture

  5. Pose
    Lie on your back in the center of the mat. Bend your legs at an angle of 90 °, placing them on the floor. Form a four by placing the right ankle on the left knee. Put your right hand, like a thread in a needle, through the formed space. The fingers of both hands are weaved on the lower leg of the left leg. Try to squeeze the pelvis as hard as possible to the floor, lifting your left knee to your chest, while stretching your right knee in the opposite direction. Do 10 breaths and then perform this exercise on the other side.
  6. Dove posture

  7. Hamstring exercise
    Bend your legs in your lap, placing your feet on the floorAs in the previous posture. This time, raise your right foot up, leaving your left leg lying on the floor. Grasp the knee, ankles, or feet with both hands. Stretch the heel of your left leg and try to straighten the right leg as much as possible. This will help to increase the stretching. Do 10 slow breaths and repeat the same exercise on the other side.
  8. Hamstring exercise

  9. "Star" posture
    This exercise is performed in a sitting position. Completely straighten both legs. Then bend your legs in the knees so that the feet stand on the floor. Push your knees apart. Connect the feet of both feet. Stretch the spine, touch the tips of your feet with your hands. Pull the spine upward. If you manage to reach a level when you can easily touch your heels with a forehead, consider that you are a real guru! Rest a couple of minutes in this position. Again: do 10 breaths and exhalations.
  10. The pose of the star

  11. Pose "sitting twist"
    Sit cross-legged. Put your right hand on your left knee. Turn your body in the direction of your arm. Do 10 breaths, go back to the starting position and repeat the same exercise, placing your left hand on your right knee.
  12. Posture sitting twist

Do not worry, doing this simple set of exercises will not take you much time. Yoga before going to bed will help you get rid of anxious thoughts and get to sleep soundly.

Do yoga and forget about insomnia forever! If you were useful to learn about such a simple weapon Against insomnia - Share this useful information with those who have a dream running away from the eyes.