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What you can not eat on an empty stomach

Morning is the most beautiful time of the day, everythingBegins anew, you wake up with renewed strength. So that the day passed successfully, start it with the right breakfast! Because how you feel yourself throughout the day depends on breakfast very much.

Breakfast is necessary to your exchangeSubstances did not slow down and the body served you all day regularly. Be optimistic and work well only a healthy person. We are used to eating different foods for breakfast, but very few people think about what effect they have on the body.

First meal - sign, you send food in an empty stomach andWe must take care that this food is not only useful, but also does not harm your health. Many products that we see on the table in the morning, absolutely can not eat on an empty stomach! Check out this list below and you'll understand what I did wrong ...

What you can not eat on an empty stomach

  1. citrus
    Citrus fruits have an unpleasant property to causePeople have allergies. Even if you do not have a tendency to allergic reactions, eaten first thing for breakfast fruit can turn up unpleasant rashes.

    You can not so heavily load the liver, and citrus, if there is an empty stomach, is just one of such dangerous loads. gastritis Also does not appear in people without a reason - orange juice on an empty stomach can help the successful onset of gastritis.

    Before you eat citrus and drink juices, eat a plate of oatmeal, for example. Eat citrus for breakfast, but not on an empty stomach.

  2. citrus

  3. Bananas
    Bananas are famous for their high magnesium content,Which improves the work of the heart. But you do not need to grab for them, appearing early in the morning in the kitchen. Eaten on an empty stomach banana can disrupt the potassium-magnesium balance, so do not be surprised if after a banana breakfast you will feel all day lethargy.
  4. Bananas

  5. raw vegetables
    Not only a gastritis, but an ulcer in addition can provoke a breakfast of raw vegetables. It's all about the acids that are present in fresh vegetables - they corrode and irritate the walls of the stomach.
  6. vegetables

  7. yogurt
    Of course, if you eat yoghurt on an empty stomach, it does notWill be as much harm as, say, from citrus fruits. But there will be no benefit either! The body does not need additional bacteria in the morning, it is better to eat yogurt throughout the day or in the evening.

  8. cold drinks
    Cold water in principle has a bad effect onDigestion, because cold drinks can not be consumed with food. And if you drink something cold in the morning, your stomach will not rejoice - the process of digesting food will slow down for the whole day.
  9. cold drinks

  10. sweets
    It can very well be that people who are nowSuffer from diabetes, in the past they liked to have breakfast with something sweet. The pancreas can not work out enough insulin early in the morning, feed itself with sweets on an empty stomach - it's deadly.

    The level of sugar in the blood will rise to unhealthy limits, health problems in the future are guaranteed. With the pancreas should not be rudely treated.

  11. dessert

  12. coffee
    Coffee on an empty stomach... Well, who did not do this? But this is so harmful. Coffee irritates the mucous, the stomach can react to the constant consumption of coffee on an empty stomach gastritis. The liver is also not thrilled with coffee from utretsa, because she will have to perform a serious cleaning work, and she has not yet woken up properly.

    The pancreas also suffers ... conclusion: drink coffee, but only after a full breakfast, do not fill it in an empty stomach.

  13. coffee

Eat well, and your health is pleasantYou will be surprised. Now you know what foods should be avoided on an empty stomach. Make a list of this food and hang it on the fridge - we often forget something very important, but once again remember about health and think about yourself is vital.

Take care of loved ones! Tell them about products that you should not eat on an empty stomach - save them from health problems.