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Is it possible to eat sushi

Japanese cuisine is firmly rooted in our menu. A lot of people now do not represent their lives without sushi and rolls, but an ordinary person does not even suspect that he is risking his health.

One of the main ingredients of sushi - raw fish. Do you know that it is the source of helminths that are dangerous to humans? Lovers of Japanese cuisine are at great risk of becoming infected with opisthorchiasis and diphyllobothriasis.

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Opisthorchis measuring 7-12 mm are parasitized inIntestines, bile ducts of the liver, gall bladder and ducts of the pancreas. Diphyllobothriasis or a wide ribbon lives in the small intestine to 20 years and can reach 15 meters in length! These kinds of parasites can be picked up by eating raw river fish.


There are also many diseases that cause Marine parasites. For example, anisakidosis cause larvae of roundWorms of nematodes. These helminths affect almost all species of marine fish - cod, herring, perch, salmon, as well as squid, octopus, shrimp and other shellfish.

Statistics suggest that herring in the BalticThe sea is infected by nematodes by 30%, and in the northern - by all 55-100%. Acquaintance with this parasite can end very tragically - its larvae can provoke acute pain in the abdomen, promote the development of acute ulcers with perforation and necrosis of the wall of the stomach and intestines.

Can I eat sushi?

Completely disinfect fish can low or high temperatures:

  1. Freezing for 7 hours at minus 40 ° C or 14 hours at minus 35 ° C, for 32 hours at minus 28 ° C. In ordinary freezers, parasites do not always die and can live there for several months.
  2. Salting in a salt solution with a density of 1.2 g / l at 2-4 ° C for 14 days.
  3. Cooking for at least 20 minutes from the time of boiling.
  4. Frying under the closed lid for at least 20 minutes (10 minutes on each side).

These rules are strictly observed in Japan - the fish is always frozen before cooking. To us, the same technology of sushi has come a little modified and these rules are not strictly observed.


I advise you to always ask the waiters of restaurants with Japanese cuisine, what pretreatment the fish went through before cooking.

In no event it is impossible:

  1. Consume raw or light-salted fish, shellfish and procure seafood that has not been pre-frozen.
  2. To eat dried or dried fish,Which has not undergone preliminary freezing, since the opisthorch larvae in such fish last for months. Especially for such fish: for example, roach, ram, bream, carp, silver and gold crucian carp, carp, tench, carp, ide, asp, crochet, roach, rudd. Their infection is about 70%!
  3. To eat poorly cooked or roasted fish.

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If you do not want to pay your whole life for your health for one serving of sushi, be extremely cautious! Always be interested in the waiters about the preliminary processing of fish. And even better - Cook homemade sushi, Pre-processing the fish!

If your friends also like sushi, tell them about whether you can eat them!