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Yoga for Sleep

There are many ways to sleep when you Insomnia. Now you will know the best of them! These relaxing poses will be able to establish your sleep, adjust your breathing. They activate the parasympathetic nervous system, help counteract stress and promote relaxation.

Such 6 poses will suit anyone, even one who Never practiced yoga!! All you need is a pillow. Ready? Then sit comfortably on the bed and proceed. Before you start, make 10 deep breaths and exhalations.

Yoga postures for improving sleep

  1. Wide-angle feet (upavistha konasana)
    Sitting, legs widely apart from each other,Put the pillow horizontally in front of the trunk. Breathe in, straightening the body as high as possible. Exhale, slowly sinking to the pillow in front of you, stretching his arms forward, for her. Lying in this position, make 10 breaths-exhalations and rise back.
    Yoga for sleep
  2. Lying on the stomach (salabhasana)
    Lay your belly on the pillow, supporting your legs andHips. Looking down, stretch the back of the neck. In the meantime, bind your fingers behind your back in the "lock", pull them to the level of the waist. Taking a deep breath, raise your hands to the ceiling, pulling your socks along the mattress. Do a few repetitions.

    Then inhale again, lifting your chest and head soIn order to continue to look at the bed. Do 10 such exercises. Only after doing all this, untie your fingers and put your hands down behind the bed, relaxing them.

    Yoga for sleep

  3. Feet up the wall (viparita karani)
    Now lie with your back on the pillow, putting it toWall. Raise your legs to the ceiling so that the heels and knees are on the same level. Hands remain along your body, palms up, so you will receive a restorative energy that comes into our body with breathing.

    This pose is ideal for someone who spends a lot of timeTime on your feet. Blood circulation will improve. The main thing is to breathe deeply. Stay in this position for 2-3 minutes. To get out of this pose, gently bend your knees and shift them to one side. This is perhaps the most useful exercise, the result you will feel right away!

    Yoga for sleep

  4. Soles of the feet together (supta baddha konasana)
    Again lying with his back on the pillow, laying down the soles of his feetTogether, with this image, they threw their knees in different directions. Hands stretch along the body. Stay in this position for about three minutes. Do not forget to breathe deeply and evenly.
    Yoga for sleep
  5. Turn, lying on the back (jathara parivartanasana)
    Continue to lie on your back. Put your knees together, holding them with your hands. Again stretch your arms along the body and slowly tilt your legs, bent at the knees then to one hand, then to the other. At the same time imagine that your breathing turns into waves, and all the energy passes through your spine. Stay turned one way for 1 minute, then change direction.
    Yoga for sleep
  6. Pose of a corpse (savasana)
    The last posture, before you fall asleepCarefree sleep. Lying with your back on the pillow, put your left hand on your heart, and your right hand on your stomach. Make three deep and equal breaths and exhalations, and then four more unusual: before breathing in the air - count to four, at the expense of four - hold your breath and count to eight, at the expense of eight - slowly let out air.

    Blissful sleep is assured to you! Just do not forget to remove the pillow from the spine.

    Yoga for sleep

Well, now your body is filled with calming energies, the heart beats calmly, the breathing is even, and the thoughts of insomnia now will not pursue you.

Each of us felt like that. Did you like this method? Tell your friends about it, let them not worry about their dreams!