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Use of a public toilet

Go into the public toilet, many startTo suffer paranoia. Everything seems dirty, dangerous and disgusting. This is quite normal, because you care about your health. Especially the lid of the toilet - the most dangerous thing. When you see her, you immediately think out how Protect yourself from germs, How to leave "clean"?

But all your fears are in vain. For the umpteenth time checks prove that the lid is not the dirtiest thing that is in the toilet. Compared to the handles and the flush button it is very clean!

So you do not have to be afraid to sit down if shethere is. But if there is no lid? That's when you need to worry. Before they sat down, they covered it with paper. If you do not, you risk getting about 200 bacteria.

But there is good news. Even on the cleanest skin there are bacteria, they are not harmful, and their number can exceed 200. when you sit down on the toilet, Harmful bacteria Do not have time to settle on your body, this is for them a completely new environment, especially since the skin is already stuffed with its own.

There are all kinds of exceptions, of course. Therefore, in order to be sure of the purity of your body, follow several tips:

How to use the public toilet


  1. Wipe the seat with a napkin: not with toilet paper, which is in the booth, but with your napkin.
  2. Use paper disposable lining for the lid: this is a good barrier to contact with the skin.
  3. Control flushing: it can be salutary, but think about the purity of your hands after that!
  4. Washing hands: they need to be washed before and after. After - very carefully, and then do not touch any more things in this place.
  5. Dry your hands and use a hand cleanser.

You must understand that bacteria are everywhere. And if you are afraid to get the most bacteria in the toilet, then it's in vain. In that case, I'd be better off guarding the rails and seats in the transport, all the pens from the doors and the air in general. In terms of the number of microbes these places are many times more abundant.

Man is the creation of the perfect. Do not be afraid of all that is around! our Organism Thought out so ingeniously that it can easily cope with a couple of extra bacteria. Everything, of course, has its own limit: both cleanliness and dirt.

Remember this, turn off paranoia and live for your pleasure!