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Things that kill the brain

The brain is the most Main body Human body. We could not exist without it. And in the thirteenth century, most professions are also associated with mental activity. Now we need the brain more than ever. So why do not we take care of it at all? There are 10 dangerous habits that slowly but surely corrode our mind.

10 dangerous habits slowly killing your brain

  1. Refusal of breakfast
    People who do not have breakfast, have low blood glucose, which leads to a decrease in brain activity.
  2. binge eating
    If you allow yourself to eat a lot of food, your body accumulates cholesterol in the blood vessels and vessels of the brain, inclusive.
  3. smoking
    Cigarettes harm brain activity and kill brain cells. And recent studies show that smoking can be one of the causes of Alzheimer's disease.
  4. Consumption of large amounts of sugar
    The more sugar - the more toxins and excess weight and the less in the body of nutrients.
  5. air pollution
    This factor depends on you a little, but you mustKnow that if the brain lacks oxygen, its activity slows down considerably. But from this it follows that the more dirty the air - the less active your mind is.
  6. Lack of sleep
    If you abuse a short sleep, you do not shine anything good, because lack of sleep leads to the death of brain cells.
  7. Drugs and alcohol
    These substances lead to irreversible brain damage.
  8. Work during illness
    When a person is sick, intense mentalWork hurts the brain activity, because the body uses all its resources to fight the disease. In such periods the brain can not get enough oxygen.
  9. Lack of stimulation and development
    The brain needs constant development, so instead of watching TV, read a book, solve a crossword puzzle or play chess.
  10. taciturnity
    Conversation is also a kind of stimulation of the brain. Chatting, you learn the facts and often learn new words and expressions, thereby training your brain and adjusting it to constant activity.

That kills the brain

The brain is our wealth. Take care of it, because it is still useful to you. Get rid of these bad habits that slowly kill your brain.

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