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How to treat the neck at home

Muscles of the neck, the occipital part of the head and shoulders canSick at the end of the day. From a long stay in one pose, the neck is terribly suffering! If you sit at your computer for more than 3 hours a day or you often view news in your phone, chances are you know how unbearably your neck can ache.

Also, pain in the neck can result from inflammation or hypothermia. You will be surprised to learn that Treat inflammation of the neck You can at home with a traditional towel! It only takes 10 seconds, but it works flawlessly.

Pain in the neck behind

How to treat the neck at home

For me pain in the neckAre familiar, because the computer has to spend a lot of time. Sometimes with self-massage or special exercises helps to cope. But very often such manipulations do not bring the desired relief, it takes a long time to stand under the hot shower to somehow help the muscles.

Pain in the neck when the head is tilted

How to treat pain in the neck With a traditional towel, you'll find out,Having looked this small roller. I tried immediately tricky reception - and it helped! You just need to put a towel wrapped in a thick cushion under the problem area ...

Here it is effect! The happy smile of the girl, who has nothing more to hurt, conquers.

Of course, if you support yourself inGood physical condition and strengthen the body with regular loads, neck pain and other muscles will not bother so often, even if you spend the whole day burying yourself in the screen.

Neck pain treatment

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