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Japanese Interval Training Tabata

The Japanese doctor of the study of tobacco made a revolutionaryDiscovery: he determined which training gives the best results. Its opening has pleased and professional sportsmen, and physicians, and those who simply love active lifestyle.

«Interval training"Or" interval method of tabs "widelyKnown and practiced all over the world. Doctor of tobacco was the head coach of the Japanese team for speed skating, so he sought to achieve a comprehensive effect by training athletes.

As a result of an ideal exercise should not only burn fat. An important point is Muscle strengthening, Improving blood circulation and increasing the athlete's endurance.

Thanks to this wonderful training all the main fitness goals become achievable. Quickly learn its essence!

Japanese training

  1. Exercise for 20 seconds withThe maximum intensity that you are capable of. As exercises you can use standard squats, push-ups, swing press. Jumping rope is suitable, exercises with dumbbells. You can complicate the task and perform a complex exercise: lunge and squats, push-push-squeeze-lunge.
    Japanese training
  2. Have a rest 10 seconds. Completely restore your breathing during this time and continue training. Such approaches should be 8-20 seconds with rest between them in 10 seconds. After 8 rest 1 minute. This is the completion of one cycle, it lasts 4 minutes. Just for training you can do 4-5 such approaches - it depends on your physical fitness. Do not load yourself too much at the beginning of classes.
    Japanese training
  3. This training is very effective, it is enough to practice 2-3 times a week. It is necessary to give muscles a rest in breaks between trainings.
    Japanese training

You can easily Train at home, Using this technique. All you need is a stopwatch and strength of will. This is a good option for people who do not have time to visit the gym. Before training, you need an easy warm-up, after training, do not forget to do Stretching.

Be careful with such training, if youThere are problems with the cardiovascular system or respiratory tract. Beginners and people who are contraindicated in serious work, it is recommended to monitor the pulse rate during classes.

Optimal heart rate during training - from144 to 156 bpm. Up to 170-180 bpm. However, this is a very individual indicator, for those who have just started, and older people do not need to exceed the threshold of 120 beats / min.

This training is a real find for those who want to quickly achieve a visible result! Tell your friends about the method of the doctor, the active lifestyle is beauty and health At the same time.