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Plants that cleanse the air

Indoor plants - it's not only a beautiful home decoration, but also effective Fresheners And air purifiers. Correctly picking up plants, you can clean the air in your house from various toxins and saturate it with oxygen.

Below are 6 plants that will help you in this. This is the most effective means in the struggle for Air purity.

Air cleansing plants

  1. Chameleon
    Removes formaldehyde from the air and acts as a natural moisturizer.
  2. Chameleon

  3. Sansevieria
    This plant absorbs nitric oxide and formaldehyde.
  4. Sansevieria

  5. Diptysis yellowish
    One of the best plants for general cleaning of indoor air.
  6. Diptysis yellowish

  7. Chlorophytum
    This plant absorbs carbon monoxide and other types of toxins.
  8. Chlorophytum

  9. Spathiphyllum
    Very well absorbs mold, because it is often put in the bathrooms.
  10. Spathiphyllum

  11. gerbera
    These magnificent flowers remove benzene from the air and significantly improve sleep by absorbing carbon dioxide.
  12. gerbera

Find a place in your house for these plants, and they will not only decorate it, but also make the air in it clean. Breathe only fresh and clean air!

And help make it to your friends!