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The Benefits of Curative Fasting

Many people are skeptical about starvation,Because why deliberately force to torment your body and exhaust yourself. But what if I tell you that such procedures can be ... beneficial to the body? Of course, it is not about when, for some reason or another, a person is forced to refuse to eat.

It is proved that the controlled Refusal to eat Cleanses the body and improves the performance of all its systems. But it is necessary to approach this with the mind, and only after consulting with the attending physician.

You, probably, will be surprised, when I tell you thatTherapeutic starvation has several advantages. I'm sure: after reading these facts, you will start to treat a voluntary refusal of food in a different way. So, these are the advantages.

The benefits of curative fasting

  1. Fasting promotes weight loss.
    Fasting can help you lose weight. But this procedure must be approached with the mind! Studies have shown that only controlled fasting for a certain number of hours helps burn more calories than during routine Diets.

    The fact is that in this way your body does notIt needs sugar, because it uses fat as its main source of energy. Which is why many athletes now often use starvation to reduce the percentage of body fat in the body before the competition.

  2. Fasting regulates the production of insulin.
    The controlled refusal of food for a while has a positive effect on insulin sensitivity. This means that carbohydrates are converted faster than when you do not starve.

    Insulin, as is known, is responsible for the level of glucose in the blood.

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  4. Fasting speeds up the metabolism.
    Periodic fasting allows you to "relax" your digestive system from time to time, thus causing a "wake up" metabolism.

    And when the metabolism is activated, the body works much better. In addition, this at times improves the functioning of the intestine.

  5. Starvation contributes to longevity.
    You want to believe, you want - no, but this is one of the secrets of longevity. Studies have shown that the life expectancy of people in different cultures depends on the diet.

    There is nothing surprising in this, everything is natural: the less you eat, the better metabolism, The younger your body is. With aging everything is exactly the opposite.

  6. Fasting makes you feel hungry.
    Can you really feel the real hunger,When do you eat every 3-4 hours? of course not. To experience a similar feeling, you need to wait from 12 to even 24 hours. Fasting promotes the activation of special hormones that are responsible for feeling hungry.

    And when the hormonal system is in order, the brain receives the right signals, and the whole body works as a well-coordinated mechanism.

  7. Fasting improves the diet.
    Moderate fasting can be usefulPractice for those who suffer from overeating, as well as for those who find it difficult to adhere to a particular diet due to work or other factors. So you can learn to eat at a set time, which corresponds to your lifestyle.
  8. Starvation restores brain function.
    You will be surprised, but controlled starvation stimulates brain activity. It helps to isolate a special protein that causes stem cells to transform into new neurons.

    This very protein also protects brain cells from changes associated with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

  9. Starvation improves the immune system.
    Periodic fasting stimulates the immune system.System, helps to regulate the appearance of inflammatory phenomena in the body and reduces the level of formation of cancer cells. An example of wildlife: when an animal is sick, it stops eating and instead focuses on rest.

    It is instinctive that the body can fight the infection. But people, on the contrary, when sick, are looking for something to eat, even often when they do not need this food.

  10. 9. Fasting promotes self-knowledge.
    Fasting contributes to the fact that many peopleBegin to associate their lives with meditations, yoga, martial arts. Everything is logical: when the body is not filled with food, there is more free space for brain work and new ideas.

    This allows you to feel "lightness", which is difficult to feel with a full stomach. Thus, fasting helps to purify thoughts and makes you look at everything with gratitude.

  11. Starvation cleanses the skin and prevents the appearance of acne.
    Studies have shown: if there is nothing just one day, the body gets rid of toxins, the functioning of organs such as the liver and kidneys is established.

    And, as you know, the health of these organs has a very strong effect on the condition of your skin.

  12. Fasting releases energy from the body.
    Short-term regulated fasting - wonderful Antipruritic. Of course, there is nothing fatal if youYou like to eat a lot, but the fact remains that overeating on an ongoing basis really creates an extra burden for the body. Then your body suffers.
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How to start fasting

  • Add raw food to your diet (fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts);
  • try the so-called "monopitanie" - eating just one product;
  • Drink smoothies only from green vegetables;
  • Eat only fresh salads;
  • Drink fruit or vegetable fresh;
  • Try to dine early and refrain from food for 16 hours until the next breakfast.

Undoubtedly, intentionally starving - it's not an easy thing, but if you start with at least these small changes in nutrition, eventually you will get used to such a Healing practice. In addition, do not forget to consult a doctor, taking such important decisions about your health.

Well, and most importantly - be able to listen to your body: he knows exactly what is best for his master.

The friends' surprise with this news, suddenly they too will want to cleanse the body of excess!