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Useful properties of lychee

Litchi is an unusual Exotic fruit, Which was traditionally grown in ancient China. It is part of the country's culture, and is also well known as "King of Fruits".

Fruit lychee small, oblong, in the form ofHearts and have a rough peel of red color. As soon as you remove the peel, you will see a juicy white or even pink lychee pulp. Fragrance very comfort. Litchi has a sweet and sour taste, as well as a fantastic scent that is difficult to explain. Lychee contains a lot of vitamin C and an important mineral such as potassium.

In India, litchi trees bear fruit in summerseason. Fruits grow on an evergreen tree with pinnate leaves. The flesh is externally protected by a pink-red coarse skin. The litchi's interior consists of a rather sweet white flesh, as well as brown seeds. The taste of the litchy resembles a grape.

The fruit itself is very tasty. In addition to sweet taste, lychee provides significant health benefits.


Useful properties of lychee

  1. Oligonol
    Oligonol is an ingredient extracted from lychee fruit. This is the first industrialized polyphenol with a low molecular weight. It has been scientifically proven that it has exceptional bioavailability, as well as efficacy.

    The oligonol is an abbreviated name from the oligomer polyphenol. The oligomer is usually a term for a polymer that has a relatively reduced molecular weight.

    Scientific testing on volunteers has shown,That the preparation "oligonol" reduces fat mass, improves blood circulation, relieves fatigue after exercise, increases stamina, and also reduces facial wrinkles.

  2. Reduces the growth of cancer cells.
    When cancer cells divide uncontrollably. Cancer cells can also invade tissues and spread throughout the bloodstream, as well as in many other areas of the body.

    Litchi is an effective remedy that helps prevent the development of cancer cells. Especially this fruit helps with breast cancer, as well as prostate.

    Lychee contains much more beta-carotene than carrots. This antioxidant is able to fight most types of cancer.

  3. Reduces the risk of heart disease.
    Heart - the center of the cardiovascular system. It is very important to monitor his condition throughout his life.

    Scientists announced that the litchi is in second placeAmong fruits by the number of polyphenols, which improve heart health. Lychee has almost 15% more polyphenols compared to grapes (which was previously considered as the main method for obtaining polyphenols).

    Oligonol also improves the condition of the heart. Lychee offers numerous health benefits, which include increased immunity, protection from cardiovascular diseases, and also from most types of cancer.

  4. Fights against colds, sore throats and improves the immune system.
    The protective mechanism protects our body from dangerous viruses. Antigens are parts of viruses, fungi and bacteria. Our body destroys molecules that are associated with antigens.

    If our immune system is vulnerable, then we can have various diseases, for example, influenza, tonsillitis and so on.

    Lychee is rich in vitamin C. This fruit includes 40% more vitamin C compared to orange juice. In 100 grams of lychee is the recommended daily intake of this vitamin. Products with a vitamin C content increase immunity.

    They help the body to be resistant to bacterial infections. With frequent use of lychee, regular Catarrhal diseases, Influenza viruses, as well as sore throat. This fruit also helps to relieve inflammation.

  5. Reduces excess weight.
    To reduce weight you need to have a balanced and healthy diet, and also do exercises. Consumption of a large number of fruits is very beneficial for the health of the whole organism.

    Fruits contain all the important vitamins thatRequires the body. There are many fruits that will help you lose weight. Fruits that contain a large amount of water, fill your stomach and reduce the need for more caloric food.

    Lychee contains few calories, consists of unsaturated fats and highly soluble fiber, which is very useful for people with excessive body weight.

    Oligonol will help improve blood circulation in the organs and throw off extra pounds.

  6. Helps with problems with the zhkt.
    Lychee is very useful in diseasesGastrointestinal tract for many reasons. He can solve not only numerous digestive problems, but also in addition to remove problems with the health of the whole organism, including the central nervous system.

    Seeds contained in this fruit,Are used to treat the intestinal tract, and can also relieve the patient of worms. Litchi can also be recommended for a small diarrhea, as well as for gastric ulcer.

    Lychee pulp is an excellent antacid. It is used to combat high acidity of the stomach, nausea, and also with dyspepsia.

  7. Acts like an aphrodisiac.
    Aphrodisiacs stimulate sexual attraction. Individual foods, mostly fruits, can easily enhance your sexual desire. Litchi is still mentioned in ancient Chinese culture as an aphrodisiac.
  8. Contains a high concentration of copper and potassium.
    Litchi also contains a large amount of minerals,Such as potassium and copper. Potassium is an important element that helps to control the heart rate, as well as the level of blood pressure, protects the heart from stroke and coronary diseases. Copper helps in the production of red blood cells.
  9. Treats constipation.
    Litchi consists of soluble fiber, it improvesDigestion and protects against problems with the intestines. In addition, the fruits of lychee help release the stomach from toxic substances, clean the large intestine and solve problems with constipation.
  10. Prevents anemia.
    Once the number of red blood cells andThe level of hemoglobin becomes lower than normal - this leads to anemia. Anemia is seen as a typical problem and is much less common in developing countries than in the poor, where people have problems with quality nutrition.

    Litchi contains a large amount of copper, which increases the number of red blood cells.

  11. Helps to fight stress.
    Stress is a complex state of the body, which requires internal strength, endurance, and increased vigilance.

    A group of vitamins in, which is present in the fruit of litchi, will help you Overcome stress. One lychee fruit will provide an abundant supply of vitamin B6, one of the so-called anti-stress vitamins.

  12. Supports the health of bones.
    Lychee - rich Phosphorus source, Magnesium, manganese, which will help maintain the health of your bones. Vitamin D in this fruit will improve the absorption of calcium by the body.

Lychee is a universal tropical fruit that has many useful vitamins, minerals and trace elements. And also has a very pleasant smell and taste. This is something worth trying!

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