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The Benefit of Onion Skins

Very few people know that not only bulbs, but also the husks of onions are incredibly useful for our body. at Onion husks Contains a special antioxidant - Quercetin, Which has anti-allergic properties.

Studies have confirmed the fact that the systematic use of onions helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, and also reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Use of onion husks

  1. Not all housewives know that soup,Cooked with uncooked onions, is much more useful and tasty. The dish acquires a beautiful purple hue, and is also saturated with useful trace elements, which, according to studies, are much more in the husk than in the onion head.
    All about the benefits of onion husks
  2. If you noticed that your indoor plants do not feel themselves important - do not worry! Just make an infusion of onion peel and periodically water them with this remedy.
    All about the benefits of onion husks
  3. Decoction of onion husks is an excellent remedy for seizures. Pour 1 teaspoon of onion peel 1 cup of boiling water and let the agent to infuse for 10 minutes. Take a decoction of 200 grams every evening.
    All about the benefits of onion husks
  4. With the help of onion peel it is possible to paint hair without harm. See in our article how to properly carry out the staining procedure.
    Sensation of the use of onion husks
  5. Many housewives prefer homemade bread to the store. And correctly do! So that the bread is not only delicious, but also useful, it is necessary to add 1 teaspoon of chopped onion peel to the flour.
    Sensation of the use of onion husks
  6. Onion husks are effective in such diseasesSkin, like dermatitis, furunculosis and corn formations. For treatment, it is necessary to prepare an ointment from chopped onion husk and any fat, combining the ingredients in a ratio of 2: 3. The product must be applied to the affected skin 2 times a day.
    Sensation of the use of onion husks

In this video you will learn more about the beneficial properties of onion peel!

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