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How Smartphones Affect Sleep

Do you know the following development of events? You view the news in Facebook And you come across the post of your friend who complains that he can not fall asleep. You notice that he posted this record at one in the morning, and you think: "Maybe enough to stare at the screen?"

Then you realize that it's already 2 am, and you're lying in bed and reading the entries on facebook from the smartphone, and you do not want to sleep at all.

Smartphones are enemies of sleep, although this truthMany do not want to admit. Studies have proven the negative impact of affordable gadgets on our lives ... the last study was conducted among 9846 adolescents aged 16 to 19 years in Norway, and within two years the results were gradually published in the medical journal bmj open.

Teenagers recorded the duration of their sleep, andAlso time to use the smartphone during the day, especially paying attention to the moment before bed. result? Scientists have reported that the more a person uses electronic devices, the higher Risk of insomnia.

"Almost all teens reported using electronic devices during the last hour before going to bed." Alas, this is reality.

Many think that a short game before going to bed will allow you to relax after a hard and stressful day. But this, unfortunately, is not so!

And what other problems are brought to us by this kind of device? Studies indicate that the emission of blue light that comes from all the LED screens adversely affects the sleep hormone melatonin.

This can explain the popularity of suchApplications, like "twilight" for android, which automatically reduces brightness at night. "Twilight" game received more than 74,000 positive reviews in the play google store.

But this is only the beginning. The Norwegian scientists suggest that electromagnetic radiation Also prevents us from getting enough sleep at night. And also, when you are sitting in a hunched posture with a smartphone, which often happens, there may be headaches and muscle pains.

"There is undoubtedly a link between sleep and the use of electronic devices", - scientists report. one of them: "The use of a variety of electronic gadgets can directly affect sleep by increasing psychophysiological arousal".

In other words, it affects not just the fact that you use your smartphone, but what you specifically do on it. All important news and social media Can negatively affect your brain. Even an inoffensive game can increase the heart rate.

It is good that you can change the situation. all in your hands. Replace the empty waste of time with a smartphone in your hands to read! If you can not choose between kindle or just an interactive application for books on your smartphone, better buy yourself an extra kindle.

Read on phone Or a tablet - this is not the best idea, since the brainCan connect these devices with more stimulating activity, which will not allow you to rest. But if you still prefer to read on the screen, then pick up the mobile device with a good screen, and turn on the mode that will reduce the glare.

Dependency on the phone

Fight with the desire to check the page in facebook before going to bed, and you'll see how you start to fall asleep better. You will look more healthy and asleep!

If your friend again sends you a funny picture in facebook that he can not get enough sleep, share this article with him. Perhaps his life will change for the better, like yours!