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Gymnastics for the neck

If you do not give rest to the pain in the neck, be sureTry to do these exercises. Neglect problems with the neck can not, because any clamps in the cervical spine can be the cause of the headache.

Doing this gymnastics, you will improve the circulation of blood in the neck. Such a charge for the neck is very easy to perform at home. The best time for such gymnastics is the middle of the day.

It will be especially useful to do so to all those who lead passive lifestyle And throughout the day he does not get up. Easy charging for the neck during a lunch break will help you work better, your head will refresh.

Exercises for the neck

  1. Get the tip of the tongue 30 times. This exercise will not only help you to train the neck muscles, but will also save you from snoring. The most important reason why a person begins to snore is the swelling of the root of the tongue, it disappears after such an exercise.
  2. Push the lower jaw forward, return to the starting position. Repeat 15 times.
  3. Easily hit the ribs of both hands on the chin muscle from both sides.
  4. neck

  5. Squeeze your left hand into your fist, with your right hand cover it. Press this fist into place under the chin, as if crushing, pushing the muscle inside.
  6. Do self-massage along the chin and neck muscles, well pressing your fingers on the places that bother you.
  7. Do a massage with two fingers along the neck line, slightly pulling the skin out. This exercise lowers blood pressure, relieves headache.
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This gymnastics will help you at once Feel cheerful. Break away from the monitor and try to do any three exercises from the above. Listen to the feelings they have caused you.

If the neck has unpleasant feelings whenPerform such a charge, do it with interruptions, do not strain your neck too much. This is normal - the flow of blood increases the pain for a while, but soon comes relief.

Let your neck be healthy, this gymnastics will help you feel wonderful. Share this special gymnastics with your friends, it can be useful to them.