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Tibetan hormonal gymnastics

The human endocrine system is so finely organized that the slightest changes in its work can seriously affect the health and appearance of a person. Hormonal background Affects how you look and how you behaveYou feel. To stay young and energetic, you need to stick to a diet that is useful for the endocrine system: eat enough nuts, seeds, fresh fruit.

Also try to do Hormonal Tibetan gymnastics, Given below. By clicking on certain points and massaging them, you bring your hormonal background in order.

Hormonal gymnastics from Tibetan monks

  1. General massage of the face and forehead
    Put your hands on your face. Make a move upward, not pressing your hands hard on your face, just touching lightly. The downward movement - on the contrary, should be intense. Do this 30 times in 30 seconds.
    Face and forehead massage
  2. Ear massage
    Close your ears with your hands, press your hands to the back of your head. With strong circular motions, massage your ears. Do one circular motion in one second. This exercise helps a lot, if your ears sometimes get inflamed, it also improves your hearing.
    Ear massage
  3. Massage of the temporal part of the forehead
    Massaging the whiskey in a circular motion, strongly pressing on them. Such a massage relieves the headache, perfectly relaxes.
    Massage of the temporal part of the forehead
  4. Palming
    With hot hands, press on the eyeballs,For one second - one click. Repeat 30 times. After active movements, leave your palms in front of your eyes, hold them there for about two minutes. This is especially useful for those who have vision problems.
  5. Trituration of the nasal sinus
    Well wipe the wings of the nose and the area around, pay attention to the nasal sinuses. This warming exercise should be done by anyone who often suffers from sinusitis.
  6. Abdominal massage
    In a circular motion, massage your stomach. Do not press too hard, strain the press during the exercise.
    Abdominal massage
  7. Grinding hands
    Rub your hands well, combining your palms. Rubbing hands you can do both before the beginning of the gymnastics, and at the end. If you are healthy, your hands will immediately become hot, but they will be dry. If you have health problems, your hands will be wet - pay attention to it.
    Grinding hands
  8. Grinding of the feet
    Do yourself a foot massage, especially paying attentionArea just above the heel. This strengthens not only the endocrine system, such massage affects the work of all internal organs, corrects problems with the spine.
    Grinding of the feet

The most remarkable thing is that this gymnastics can be done in the morning without getting out of bed. If you start your day like this, your health will be excellent!

For health, youth and beauty, you should spend a little time to perform such a simple exercise. In addition, it is very nice. Make sure personally!