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Acupressure against headache

Through pressure on the points of the body can affect the work of many organs. This has been known since ancient times Chinese medicine, Which flourished several thousand years before our era.

while acupuncture Was considered a remedy for all diseases - correct, skillful injections at the right points brought health back to even hopelessly sick.

Such active points are on our body everywhere, and it is possible to influence them not only with the help of needles, fortunately.

Acupressure against pain

Acupressure - a kind of acupressure. This is a method of treating diseases by pressing special points on the body.

It is enough to know approximately where the necessary points are located, for example, the throat points correspond to the health of the throat; The points regulating the work of the liver are on the lower row of ribs and abdomen.

Find the place that bothers you the most - if you find the right point, you will find a slight tingling or numbness when pressed. To achieve a therapeutic effect, do Light massage This point.

Press on it, do circular rotational movements, if you want - push harder. In half a minute you will feel better!

Check the effectiveness of acupressure, when you have a headache. Click on the point that is in the middle between the thumb and forefinger.


Moment the point as described above. Massage of this point relaxes, calms, helps to renew the heart rhythm. The headache will recede after a while.

You will feel light in mind and body,Stimulation of this point positively affects the body. You can use this method not only when the headache tortures you, under any stress this miracle-depression will lower the level of anxiety.

You can not stop wondering how interesting the person is. Tell your friends about the method of removing the headache with acupressure, this may be useful to them.