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The danger of pangasius fish

Pangasius or Bass - a river fish species that contains a full bouquet of chemicals, bacteria, hormones and heavy metals.

This fish accumulates a high levelArsenic, as well as polychlorinated biphenyls, ddt and its metabolites, chlordane related compounds (chls), metal impurities, isomers of hexachlorocyclohexane, hexachlorobenzene and others Toxic and dangerous substances.

Why pangasius fish can not be eaten

Pangasius fish

And the fact is that this fish is mainly grown in the mekong river in Vietnam, where Water pollution level One of the highest in the world. In the mekong, untreated water is drained from chemical plants, sewage drains and mineral fertilizers from fields. And unscrupulous producers also feed the bass with genetically modified fodder and other chemicals.

Pangasius fish

Pangasius is worth a penny, so this fish is mainly sold to the poorer population and sent to third world countries where this fish is actively bought.

When pangasius is frozen, the same water is used from Mekong. To accelerate the growth of fish in the whole 4 times, fromChina brings hormones that are introduced into the body of females. Although the authorities that control the quality of products in Europe, and require data on these hormones, manufacturers refuse to provide them.

Pangasius fish

Studies show that the use of fish bass leads to liver damage, blood diseases, Damage to internal organs Rights.

Be careful and try to stop eating this fish. It is extremely dangerous for humans and especially for young children. Watch out for what you eat!

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