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The effect of long sitting on health

Man is not created in order to constantly sit in one place. our physiology Suggests that we will walk and run a lot, the movement is so characteristic of human nature. But the modern world forces a person to change himself.

Now the cars do a lot of work instead of us - of course, it's convenient and effective. Life becomes easier. But this lightness is sometimes unbearable ...

The effect of long sitting on health

When you are busy watching TV, everything thatMoves, - your finger during the channel switching. The same situation with the mouse in his hand. But what about the rest of the body? What happens to you when you sit at work on a daily basis? Believe me, everything is pretty sad.

A sedentary lifestyle takes years from you. That the most horrible: the harm that brings the body a constant sitting, not compensated for by hikes in the gym!

Studies conducted by scientists show that 40% of health problems occur more often in people who move little during the day and sit 6 hours a day in one place.

If your work is connected with a constant sitting, you are at risk - people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, 24% more often Die young (This is due to the development of diabetes and heart problems).

When you are always sitting, your legs are in inactivity, the muscles are weakened. This makes you sickly, the metabolism slows down - the less muscle mass, the slower the metabolism.

After two hours of sitting, the level of bad cholesterol in your blood rises sharply. This means that in the future you are provided with Problems with blood vessels And the entire cardiovascular system.

Prolonged sitting helps to increase the level of insulin in the blood, which is why diabetes often occurs in those who are accustomed to working all their lives sitting.

Charging for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle

How to avoid the bad consequences of a sedentary lifestyle on the body? Just enough to do a little exercise every half hour.

Just get out of the way and a little razumnis, 2 minutes - is enough. Stretch, sit down several times. There are special Sets of exercises For people who are forced to sit all day at work, - read them. Your health is worth paying attention to this issue!

Warm-up at work

Move more and you will be young and handsome beyond the years! Remind your friends that it's time to stand up because of the monitor and do the gymnastics.