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Home remedies against inflammation

Few of us understand until the very end what isinflammation. If in a simple way, this is not otherwise than the response of our immune system to any pain stimulus or damage. Often inflammation is associated with pain, swelling, redness, itching.

Erroneously Think that inflammation is only a fever, because ulcerative colitis, arthritis, atherosclerosis are also common. Inflammation can also lead to Insect bites, injuries, burns. Oddly enough, this process eventuallyShould lead to maximum recovery in the area of ​​damage. However, when the inflammation is chronic or very severe - nothing good from this usually does not have to wait.

Of course, at the first alert you are used to itRun to the pharmacy and buy everything to ease the pain and suffering. What will be your surprise when you find out that inflammation can be prevented to some extent ... At home!! Your attention is offered the top three anti-inflammatory drugs, which are practically worthless, and the effect is colossal. MOTHER AT UUS!

  1. turmeric
    This spicy seasoning is bright yellowIt is used in curry) - an excellent remedy for inflammation. The whole point is that it contains curcumin - an anti-inflammatory substance that acts like ibuprofen and similar substances.

    According to scientists, kurukumu is best used for polyarthritis, ulcerative colitis, and uveitis - inflammation of the choroid of the eye.

  2. turmeric

  3. ginger
    Zingiber officinale, popularly knownAs a ginger, - a healing plant with excellent anti-inflammatory properties, the root of which is often used in cooking. It helps in preventing many inflammatory processes and, unlike most pharmacy products, is well tolerated by people with gastrointestinal problems.

    According to the National Institutes of HealthUSA, ginger stimulates the nucleation of cells responsible for anti-inflammatory processes in the body. Moreover, it contains gingerol, which dilates the blood vessels. It is proved that if the blood flow in the affected area is improved, the inflammation quickly decreases, because the blood more intensively bathes this focus.

  4. ginger

  5. Heat and cold therapy
    Such therapy is an effective way to avoidInflammation. The basis of this method is the stimulation of the protective system of the patient's body. For example, heat dilates blood vessels, improves circulation of fluids in the body, and also reduces involuntary muscle contraction.

    Can be used as dry heat (warmers,Lamps), and wet (a warm bath or heated bath clothes). In contrast to heat, cold, on the contrary, reduces swelling, narrowing blood vessels. Although the technique of alternating heat and cold at first may seem a pleasant procedure, it can alleviate even very severe pain and become an excellent prophylaxis for the onset of inflammatory processes in the body.

  6. Hot and cold

Do not forget about these "Three whales" - because all bad things are always better to prevent. Of course, all these methods can not become a full-fledged replacement for the prescribed treatment. But, eating ginger root, turmeric, and also practicing cold and warm therapy, you can provide good support to the body in the occurrence of inflammatory processes.

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