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Exercise for burning fat

There is always a thousand reasons to skip training in the gym ... in the case of Morning Fat Burning Workout No excuses and excuses do not work. Extra 7 minutes in the morning there are everyone! In just 7 minutes you have a great chance to strengthen your body.

You will not only look better, but you will also be healthier. Fat burning such Naturally Very useful, the body is cleansed and begins to work better. In addition, a cheerful morning exercise will set the pace for you for the whole day: you will see how much you will manage to do!

Fat burning workout

Perform the following alternate exercises, doing each 1 minute:

  1. Running on the spot
    Start with a quick walk, gradually accelerating. Run on the spot for 1 minute at the highest possible speed.
  2. Sit-ups
    Crouch, feeling how the gluteal muscles work. Put your feet on the width of your shoulders, bend them in your lap. Sit down at a right angle and return to the starting position. Make sure that the back is flat during squats - this will reduce the load on your knees. To complicate and diversify the usual squats, try to add at the end of the jump. like this:
  3. Sit-ups

  4. Shoulders
    Do circular motions with your shoulders, 100 times forward and 100 times back with each shoulder. Try to move as actively as possible.
  5. hit
    Take your right foot to the side, as if you are making a blow. Return to the starting position and repeat the same with the left foot. Raise your legs with strength, then the exercise will have an effect.
  6. Blows
    Active training for hands! It can be complicated by picking up dumbbells.
  7. Blows

  8. Jumps
    Jump in such an original way. You need to finish training on a cheerful note!
  9. Jumps

  10. Clapping behind
    Pat yourself, holding your hands behind your back. Good job!
  11. Clapping behind

After a strenuous workout is released Additional energy, Which you will use all day. If you are now crouching on the floor, hands clasped under your knees and stretched, you will immediately feel how the new energy filled you. And now - in the shower and have breakfast.

Doing every morning a workout that burns fat, youYou can easily afford some sweetness for breakfast - yoghurt, banana, dried fruit, even a bun with butter will not be so critical. Because after such training your metabolism will be faster than usual.

7 minutes Everyone has it! Tell your friends what to do in the morning to spend the whole day actively.