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What herbs reduce the pain

Every day, alternative medicineThe use of herbs and organic products is becoming more popular, and there are reasons for this. Most herbal medicines reduce pain, treat inflammation and remove toxins from the body. Below are a few popular plants that have a strong analgesic effect. They are no worse than ordinary medications and do not have any side effects! Of course, if you take them in moderation.

Herbs against pain

  1. Tansy maiden
    As an ornamental plant and medicinalTansy reminiscence is known since ancient times. It is used to relieve various types of pain: headache, dental and abdominal pain. Many people consume it in the treatment of migraine. Tansy maiden also stimulates digestion and fights against parasites. It tastes very bitter, so most often it makes infusions with honey.
  2. Tansy maiden

  3. Valerian root
    Although valerian is most often used forReducing stress and with insomnia, but also it is an excellent tool for reducing muscle spasms and cramps. This plant is a harmless analgesic for painful menstruation. The root of valerian is also used to treat migraines.
  4. Valerian root

  5. Martinia fragrant
    Martiny fragrant, or, as this plant stillCalled in the people, the devil's claw, grows in the savannas of southern Africa. If you have the opportunity to purchase this miracle plant, we advise you to do it without hesitation. The root extract of this plant has a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Martinia is used to relieve pain in the joints, back, muscles and tendons. And also it can be used as a means to strengthen immunity.
  6. Martinia fragrant

  7. Swamp
    Effective "weapon" in the fight against pain isSuch a medicinal herb as marsh calamus. It is used in the form of powder from the root, broths and tinctures. Doctors advise taking baths using this plant for arthritis. Also this excellent agent can be used at poisonings, intestinal colic, stomach diseases.
  8. Swamp

  9. arnica
    Arnica is an anesthetic that is consideredIt is useful in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. It also reduces pain during stretching, lowers arterial pressure, and dilates the vessels of the brain. The main thing is that side effects when using tincture of arnica are not observed.
  10. arnica

If you do not treat mild pain, then over time they can develop into chronic. As soon as you have something ill, it is best to take Herbal pain relievers, And do not drink immediately the medicine. Most herbs have no side effects if taken correctly. But if you have constant pain that does not go away, then you need to see a doctor immediately.

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