/ Danger of pain from tablets.

Danger of pain from tablets.

You do not need to be a pharmacist to remember Simple rules, Which we all know almost from childhood: Aspirin relieves pain and inflammation, and paracetamol lowers the temperature. Admit, after all, even without consulting a doctor, you often run to the drugstore and buy tons of painkillers and antipyretics, they are worth a penny!

However, do not rush to put them in your mouth when you need and do not: they may not be that Harmful, but even dangerous For your health. And if you take them in huge quantities, 1 this can lead to very serious consequences.

Read this information carefully and stop considering Painkillers A panacea for all diseases. Remember: most often the pills do not heal, but only heal. And between these concepts there is a huge difference.

Danger of painkillers

  1. paracetamol
    Experts agree that todayParacetamol should be banned even as a prescription drug, not to mention its free sale. Even 4 grams of this substance (the allowed daily dose) can cause severe poisoning and lead to liver damage.

    Moreover, twice the excess of this doseIs fraught with acute liver failure. This illness leads to a painful death for several days. In other words, tablets, which at first glance look harmless, are capable of seriously undermining health or even killing.

  2. aspirin
    The analgesic effect of aspirin lasts onlySeveral hours, but the effect of liquefaction of the blood remains several days after taking the drug. So do not be surprised that after drinking a pill-another aspirin, even an old wound or a small scratch can open and begin to bleed, for example, at a dentist's appointment.

    Some doctors recommend taking aspirin inThe prevention of atherothrombosis, coronary heart disease, or even a reduction in the risk of developing cancer. But studies show that such recommendations are justified only for those who have already had a stroke.

  3. Preparations for colds
    Most popular cold medicines:"Koldreks", "teraflu", "fervex" - it's just paracetamol, a small dose of ascorbic acid and chemicals to give a taste. Remember: in their composition there are no components that can cure the disease - they only mask the symptoms.

    Use these tools to facilitateState is not something that is harmful, and in some cases even dangerous! By the way, the traditional practice of taking such drugs at night is harmful in a double way, since paracetamol and similar substances negatively affect the metabolism.

  4. Painkillers tablets

  5. Anesthetic and hormone levels
    Any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, diclofenac and others, negatively affect the synthesis of growth hormone.

    Considering that one tablet of simple aspirinCan have an effect on the body for several days, you should not even think about serious strength training while taking such drugs.

  6. "Alka-Seltzer" and removal of a hangover
    Composition of a popular drug for combatingHangover syndrome - just ordinary aspirin, baking soda and citric acid. Everything is simple: aspirin anesthetizes, baking soda reduces acidity in the stomach, which arose from the intake of alcohol, citric acid is added for taste.

    Forget that this drug heals a hangover! And do not even think about the fact that it can be used as a preventive tool to facilitate further condition. If you already poisoned your body with a considerable dose of alcohol, you should not finish it off with doubtful drugs.

  7. "Safe" painkillers
    European experts most often recommendIbuprofen ("nurofen", "mig400", "adv", "solpaflex" and others) as a substitute for aspirin and paracetamol. They explain this by the fact that these drugs quickly relieve headaches and high fever.

    But you must always remember that any painkillersCan cause gastric bleeding or cause other damage to the body, so their use should be justified. To abuse these preparations at any signs precisely it is not necessary!

  8. Painkillers tablets

  9. Panacea for headaches
    In most cases, feeling lightMalaise or headache, you take some medicine for the night in the hope that in the morning you will wake up healthy, go to work and even to the gym. Doing so is absolutely wrong. Cut yourself in the nose: these substances are even theoretically unable to cure a cold and headache - they only relieve symptoms, and only for a while.

by virtue of Cheapness These drugs continue to be sold in largeVolumes. Always think, buying the next drug, is it worth saving your health? Because then you can not buy it in any store for any money!

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