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6 exercises for effective weight loss

So that you feel like a goddess in the beach season, by the summer you need to prepare now. Most Time to bring the body into shape And tighten problem areas.

"so simple!" Prepared for you Express method Preparation for the beach from the American actress Vanessa Minnillo. she says: "When I lose weight, I feel more confident on the beach". This training will help you burn a lot of calories and bring your body to shape. For a good effect, these exercises need to be done daily.

Exercise for weight loss

  1. Jump rope
    This is probably the most effective method for warming up muscles and burning calories. It can even be taken on a trip or on a business trip.
  2. Exercise for weight loss

  3. Sit-ups
    Take the dumbbells in your hands, do squats. The knees should not protrude from the feet, the socks are directed forward. Do 12 sit-ups.
    Exercise for weight loss

  4. Attacks
    Take the standing position. Legs on the width of the hips, and the elbows are bent. Make an attack from the right leg, then raise your right arm with the dumbbell up. After that go back to the beginning. Do 12 repetitions on each leg.
  5. Exercise for weight loss

  6. Posture of the bar and jumps
    Take the plank posture. From it, jump your feet in the direction of your hands. Repeat this exercise 20 times.
  7. Exercise for weight loss

  8. Jumps
    First make a squat with arms outstretched forward, and then jump up. Repeat 20 times without a break.
  9. Exercise for weight loss

  10. press
    Lie on the floor, hands stretched over your head. Strain the press and stretch until your hands are parallel to your hips. Do 8-12 repetitions with a 10-second pause between each batch.
  11. Exercise for weight loss

that's all! Remember these 6 elementary exercises and repeat them daily. The result will not keep you waiting, but on the beach you'll be Feel confident more than ever!

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