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Reasons to do exercise bar

The bar is an excellent exercise for those who do not have the opportunity to devote much time to training. It is complex and fairly simple, while it will easily help pump almost all the muscles.

Your main goal is to fulfill it correctly. This exercise has many advantages. We have described only the top five that will convince you of its usefulness and convenience. Try to execute the bar at least once, it will take quite a bit of your time.

The girl in the bar

Advantages of the bar

  1. Practically all muscle groups are involved.
    Almost all the muscles of your body are straining during exercise. In the end, you will receive tightened hands, strong back, a beautiful press, slender legs and elastic buttocks.
  2. Low risk of injury.
    The bar is a safe way to buildMuscle mass. During this exercise, your spine and muscles are protected from possible injuries. Before performing it is desirable to warm up a little. Perform a pair of circular movements with your hands and a couple of sit-ups.
  3. Training anywhere.
    The bar can be performed wherever and whenever, evenWhile traveling or in conditions where there is very little free space. You do not need to use any special equipment and spend a lot of time in class.
  4. Improvement of body balance and coordination of movements.
    If you perform this exercise regularly, you can significantly improve body balance and coordination. If the muscles of your body are weak, then it will be difficult for you to keep your balance when you need it.
  5. Alignment of posture.
    The best exercise for correcting posture withWeak back muscles is the strap. You can change this exercise a little, focusing not on the elbows, but on the palms, as if pushing yourself off the floor, then the load will be less.

How to correctly set the bar

  1. All your body from the legs to the head should be on the same level and make a straight line. The waist can not be bent or arched.
  2. Put on good socks in the floor. They must be in front of the heels.
  3. Place your elbows under your shoulders.
  4. Strain the buttocks, legs and stomach.
  5. You need to stand until you fall. Then take a break for 2 minutes and repeat the exercise. 5 approaches will suffice.

It is very important Bar exercise Every day and preferably at the same time. We wish you success in your sporting endeavors.

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