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The Bubnovsky system

I can not even believe that this representativeA man and a successful doctor walked on crutches for 27 years! After a car crash, he was in the worst condition, but did not give up. Together with his injuries and pathologies, Sergei continued to live fully and developed a system of healing that helped him to his feet, and now helps his numerous patients.

Exercises sergei bubnovsky Is the path to true health. The doctor calls to refuse grandmother's scarves, warming compresses, corsets, painkillers. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Only this way you can get rid of the pain in any area of ​​the spine and become a healthy person!

Biblical exercise system

Bubnovsky system

One must remember that life is a movement. People remember this only when they lose the opportunity to move and turn to specialists. The main thing - do not run yourself, do not bring the body to a terrible state of its own laziness!

Sergei Bubnovsky believes that The main factor of health of the spine - The muscles through which the nerves and blood vessels pass. If you work with them correctly, you can achieve impressive results!

Of course, before proceedingHealth gymnastics, should consult with a specialist. Because you need to understand whether a patient can be bent or not, push-ups are acceptable. After the doctor determines the essence of the problem, the best treatment is physical exercise.

System of Bubnov reviews

Gymnastics sergei bubnovsky Strengthens the muscles of the neck, shoulders and abdomen. In this video the doctor explains how to do the most simple exercises, how to breathe correctly during gymnastics. Miracle exercises relieve spasms, while relaxing and strengthening the muscles. They helped get rid of health problems for thousands of people ...

The doctor divides the body into 3 departments. First floor - legs. It is necessary to squat to improve the blood supply to the lower body. Lack of blood supply of this zone leads to prostatitis in men and uterine diseases in women.

Second floor - trunk, back and chest muscles. To regulate the work of these muscles, you need to perform an exercise for the press, in which a lot of other muscles are involved. Always be sure to breathe correctly!

Third floor - cervical section. If the neck and head hurts in the evening, this indicates a lack of blood supply in this area. Any physical exertion is useful to correct the situation.

Health-improving system of Bubnovsky

Another great complex that helpsRestore and heal joints. If the onset of the cold season, joints begin to ache and give unpleasant sensations, it is worth trying this Morning gymnastics!! I will advise my grandmother.

Indeed, the complex is the easiest! Will suit even hardened lazy people ...

The therapeutic system of Bubnovsky

An able-bodied person is a person with strong,Healthy muscles. If you regularly train, do your body, even serious problems will recede! I really liked the exercises presented by Serghei Bubnovsky in these videos: it's extremely easy to do and immediately it becomes easier, even if the back or neck is painfully felt.

Serghei Bubnovsky system

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