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Junk food

The media, for example, such as blogs, TV shows and magazines devoted to the topic of health, advise us to go shopping in stores selling organic and exclusively Healthy food.

We are informed that everything you do not take from the shelves in such a store will be useful for your health. But this is completely wrong. Why us Deceive? But all because selling healthy food is a very profitable business. We suggest you learn about 6 food products that have become useful due to marketing tricks.

junk food

  1. Agave syrup
    Agave syrup

    Agave syrup is often advertised as a substituteSugar and an indispensable element of a healthy diet, since it has a low glycemic index. That is, when it is used, there is no sharp increase or fall in blood sugar levels. But the agave syrup can contain up to 90% fructose.

    Some scientists believe that the consumption of fructose is harmful to the body, and also contributes to the development of liver and kidney diseases, increased blood pressure and the appearance of early wrinkles.

  2. Soybean

    Soy products are considered a healthy alternativeMeat and dairy products. Organic fermented soy products can only be eaten in small quantities. Scientists who refer to clinical and laboratory studies have proven that eating soy can lead to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and thyroid dysfunction.

    Also, taking soy can causeBlood circulation in the brain. Pregnant women should not use this product. Soy contains isoflavones, which can adversely affect the development of the brain of the embryo. Instead of soybeans use beans, grains kinoa and greens.

  3. a fish
    a fish

    Probably, everyone from childhood was told that the fish were veryUseful. But modern research confirms the fact that eating fish can be harmful to health, because it contains many chemicals and bacteria. The fish is polluted with toxic waste that is in the water. It is also a carrier of parasites. Many people know that when taking fish for food is very likely to be infected with worms and other parasites.

  4. Fruit juices
    Fruit juices

    The main disadvantage of fresh fruit juicesIs a large sugar content. The use of sugar is dangerous not only for the figure, but for health in general, as this can lead to diabetes. Cautious also need to be someone who suffers from hypoglycemia, has problems with the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, liver, as well as allergies. It is undesirable to use fruit juices for pregnant and small children.

  5. olive oil
    olive oil

    Olive oil at room temperature is veryA useful food product. But as soon as it is exposed to high temperatures, trans fats and carcinogens are formed in it. Those who eat such foods risk falling ill with cancer. The best cooking oil is coconut, since it is extremely resistant to high temperatures.

  6. milk

    Milk contains a large amount of calcium andPhosphorus, without which it is impossible to keep strong bones and teeth. But at the same time, nutritionists believe that it is better for adults not to use it. The main lack of milk is poor absorption of lactose. Those substances that are not completely digested, cause gastrointestinal disorders, bloating and diarrhea. And the ability to assimilate this "useful" drink is lost with age.

Not all the food that seems healthy at firstLook, in fact harmless. But it should also be remembered that, how many people, so many opinions. Some scientists say about the benefits of certain products, others about their harm. Most importantly, you need Listen to one's body. If the product is poorly digested or causes allergies, then it is better to give it up.

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