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How the organs are connected to the fingers

Jin Shi Jitsu is an ancient form of Japanese healing art that helps Balance emotions, Only thanks to the stimulation of points on the hands. The basis of this teaching is the following principle: every finger of the hand is connected to a certain organ and a certain emotion corresponds to it.

If you need to work on an organ, grab it with the other hand and hold it for 3-5 minutes. At this time you must breathe deeply.

Also you can hold Overall harmonization His body, passing alternately on all the fingers of his hand.

How the organs and emotions are connected to the fingers

Organs and emotions are associated with the fingers

  1. thumb

    Organs: stomach and spleen.

    Emotions: anxiety, depression, worries and anxiety.

    Physical symptoms: abdominal pain, skin problems, headache, nervousness.

  2. forefinger

    Organs: the kidney and bladder.

    Emotions: frustration, fear and confusion.

    Physical symptoms: muscle aches and pains in the back, toothache, digestive problems.

  3. middle finger

    Organs: liver and gallbladder.

    Emotions: indecisiveness, anger, irritability.

    Physical symptoms: problems with blood circulation, menstrual pain, vision problems, fatigue, migraine, frontal headaches.

  4. Ring finger

    Organs: the lungs and the large intestine.

    Emotions: negative, sad, fear of rejection, grief.

    Physical symptoms: ringing in the ears, respiratory problems, asthma, deep skin diseases, digestive problems.

  5. little finger

    Organs: heart and small intestine.

    Emotions: anxiety, nervousness, low self-esteem.

    Physical symptoms: heart disease, sore throat, bloating, problems with bones.

Now you are familiar with the basic principles and secrets Jin shui gin And you can influence both the organs of your body and your emotions, balancing them at the right time.