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Sauna prolongs life

The secret of longevity is simple. As it turned out, you only need to visit the sauna more often in order to improve health And increase life expectancy.

The sauna is a very pleasant procedure, and this is another reason not to neglect it. Sounds too good to be true? Is the sauna so effective? Yes, do not doubt it!


Health benefits of saunas

Recent studies of scientists prove that staying in a sauna reduces the risk of heart problems and pressure. While you are blissful, enjoying the relaxing Sauna effect, In your body are amazing processes. The load on the circulatory system decreases, the vessels expand, the heart - it trains.

Finnish scientists conducted an experiment: they observed 2,000 men from 42 to 62 years old. Men who regularly visited the sauna 2 times a week, reduced their risk of dying from a stroke by 40%.

Increased heart rate and activeSweating brings absolute benefits to your body. Organs are cleaned of toxins through the skin, the body is rejuvenated. Relaxation, which always accompanies the sauna, is very useful for the nervous system. People who survived Heavy stress, A sauna is needed more than antidepressants!

Man and woman in the sauna

Despite the fact that the research of scientistsPerformed exclusively on men, the sauna is also useful for women's health. The most useful is a sauna with dry air, the temperature regime in it should be from 80 ° c to 100 ° c.

The sauna is as useful as practicing sportsHall, because the acceleration of the heart rate and sweating occurs during exercise. Choose what you like best - classes in the hall or sauna, strengthen your health. Go to the sauna instead of training and vice versa - a great idea.

Tell your friends about the benefits of sauna! Remind them that this is a great way to spend time pleasantly and with health benefits.