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Effect of coffee on the body

For many years coffee has been controversial: scientists have doubted whether the constant Caffeine consumption On human health. Recent research will please everyone who is crazy about this fragrant drink - coffee not only does not harm, but also benefits the body.

Useful properties of coffee Very unexpected and deserve attention. A vivid example of this is the effect of coffee on the liver. Liver and coffee have always been antagonistic. Who has not heard that coffee is a very heavy product for the liver? According to the findings that were made by scientists after observing people suffering from liver diseases, coffee can be called a medicine.

Useful properties of coffee

This drink lowers the level of liverEnzymes in the liver and slows the scarring of the liver tissue. Patients with hepatitis C are advised to drink coffee, so that the disease does not progress. This applies not only to conventional coffee, but coffee, not containing caffeine! The only product that is not exactly worth using is instant coffee, It does not benefit, alas.

Cup of coffee

National Cancer Institute (Maryland, USA) conducted research, the results of which indicate that coffee Slows the growth of cancer cells, And also reduces the rate of cirrhosis of the liver caused by hepatitis c.

Lower insulin and less pronounced weightFatty hepatosis were found in all patients who consumed coffee in sufficient quantities. The experiment was conducted almost 4 years, during this time the scientists were convinced of the indisputable advantage of coffee.

But coffee is an amazing product. It is useful not only for the liver. Coffee contains the same high amount of antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables! If you are afraid to pick up some infection during the spring vitamin deficiency - drink coffee more often. Coffee has an anti-inflammatory effect and Prevents the development of infection.

Coffee lowers blood sugar, so that people who regularly indulge in this drink protect themselves from Diabetes Second type. Of course, it is not recommended to combine coffee with fatty and sweet foods, it causes jumps in blood sugar. It is better to drink coffee with milk or add to your favorite drink easy snacks like nuts and dried fruits.

Cup of coffee

Drinking three cups of coffee a day, you invest in your happy old age. coffee Prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease On 65%. Senile memory loss you will not be scared, and the brain will work without failures, even in old age.

tea or coffee? What will you choose today? Show your friends this article, let them drink coffee without fear!