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One glass of wine is equal to an hour of training

If you look at the truth, you've never beenA fan of training in the gym. But from the glass of wine, of course, you will not refuse on occasion ... good news for all fans of red wine: it turns out, this drink Has a mysterious and very useful property. One glass of wine produces the same effect on the body as an hour of active physical activity in the gym!

Scientists from a Canadian university conductedA number of studies, the results of which prove the unconditional benefit of one glass of wine per day. The cardiovascular system and muscles react to wine as well as to training. Wine is the most amazing drink, its properties do not cease to amaze.

Glasses of wine

Of course, we are talking about Real, aged wine, Without preservatives and impurities. Wine from a paper bag will not have the desired effect for understandable reasons. Only noble wine can bring you into tone, cheer, stimulate the flow of blood into the muscles.

Magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium, potassium, flavonoids - these valuable substances are contained in wine and Promote healthy body. Wine has in its composition a substanceResveratrol, which prevents the deposition of fats. One glass of red wine a day lowers blood sugar and saturates the body with antioxidants. Alcohol, which is present in wine, increases the heart rate.

Glass of wine

All these features of wine make it pricelessDrink. If for some reason you can not go to the gym today - replace the workout with a glass of exquisite drink! Such events should not be spent too often, but a glass of wine once every few days will bring benefits to your body.

Red wine will greatly help those who weary themselvesDiets and trainings - so as not to break, arrange for yourself rest days, decorating them with wine. After a day of interruption, you will return to the familiar mode with new forces, and the wine will help your body aboutBe healthy and active!!

If these facts about wine hit you - tell them about everything! Wine - Divine drink.