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The use of green apples

Green apples contain much more useful substances, compared to their red counterparts. They are present Vitamins of the group in And c, chlorophyll; Apple, ascorbic, tartaric, boric and citric acids; Such microelements as iron, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese and phosphorus.

Many say that apples should be eaten with seeds, since one seed contains Daily dose of iodine, As well as vitamin 17, which fights againstCancer cells. In addition, green apples, unlike other varieties, do not cause allergies. They are often used in cooking, cosmetology, as well as in folk medicine.

Useful properties of green apples

Girl with green apples

  1. Contain dietary fiber
    The most important advantage of green apples is the content in them Dietary fiber. It helps to improve digestion and speeds up metabolism.
  2. Reduce the risk of developing cancer and diabetes
    Due to the high fiber content in green apples, the risk of getting cancer of the colon and rectum is reduced. cellulose Absorbs excess bile, which is considered the cause of this terrible disease. Water-soluble fiber also helps regulate the amount of sugar in the body - it slows the absorption of sugar into the blood.
  3. Reduce "bad" cholesterol
    Apples contain pectin, which is able to remove "bad" cholesterol from the body. Thus, using green apples, you Reduce your weight And you will stay healthy.
  4. Improve digestion
    This fruit improves digestion, because in itThere are organic acids, such as apple, ascorbic, tartaric, boric and lemon. Thanks to them, apples stimulate the production of bile and gastric juice.
  5. Reduce blood pressure
    In green apples there is a lot of potassium and magnesium. These two minerals are needed to regulate blood pressure. People suffering Hypertension You must eat at least one sour-sweet apple every day or drink half a glass of juice from green apples forty minutes before eating.
  6. Contain antioxidants
    In green apples, there are antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols. It is these substances Protect against cancer.
  7. Help control appetite
    Green apples cause a feeling of satiety, so that you can stop overeating by eating them.
  8. Stimulate a burst of vitality.
    Green apples give a person a big charge of energy. They contain a lot of carbohydrates, which is very good for people who go in for sports or lead active lifestyle.
  9. Cleanse the skin
    Apples have long been used as a cleanser, which has astringent, antiseptic, whitening and moisturizing properties. They are also used in Fight against cellulite, Wrinkles and couperose. Green apples contain less sugar than red, and therefore they will keep your teeth white and healthy.
  10. Have excellent taste
    Green apples are very delicious. It is unlikely there will be a person who does not like them. Apples can be eaten fresh, make them juice and bake.

We advise you to eat apples fresh. their heat treatment Can lead to the destruction of nutrients, especially vitamin c.

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