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Dependence on sugar

I really like the sweet, and it's hard for me to give upConsumption of sweet foods. More than once I had a question - why this desire to eat something sweet happens suddenly? And why do you want to eat sweets immediately?

Answers came by themselves - last year during the A great post I completely refused the use of sugar. Now I know that sugar addiction is not an invention ...

Harm of sugar

Sugar is a natural reward to the body. In neurology, all food is considered a natural reward to the body. To survive, the ancient man needed food, sex and a comfortable environment. Because there was a mechanism by which the satisfaction of natural needs began to give a person pleasure.

If it is pleasant, you want to repeat it again and again. Humanity has evolved, but the mechanisms of pleasure have not changed - the brain works by principles that contribute to survival in a cruel world.

What do you think, why are you dragging for one moreA slice of chocolate cake? Yes, it's very tasty, but if it were not for the cunning brain, you would not have had the desire to taste dessert yet - the body was already fed. Eating a cake gave you a lot of pleasant impressions, the brain developed Pleasure hormone - Dopamine, and it sends signals straight to the cerebral cortex: you need more sweet, it's good.

Here is such a primitive scheme, but how wonderfulshe works! The brain remembers the products that have caused you the most pleasant sensations and makes you choose the same. Alas, useful food and delicious food are not always the same.


Ten years ago it was estimated that the averageThe American consumes about 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. It's as much as 350 extra calories! Do not be surprised at such statistics: not only pure sugar is counted, which is added to a cup of tea or coffee.

The modern world can no longer do withoutConstant addition of sugar in different foods - to enhance the taste and increase the shelf life of food. You can not even guess about the high sugar content of a certain product, but it will be there. This extra sugar is very cunning - it causes addiction and dependence comparable to that of the drug.

nicotine, Cocaine and heroin - Siblings' siblings. Sugar also causes tolerance, like dangerous drugs - you always want to increase the dose of sweet in order to achieve the desired effect.


What happened to me when I stopped eatingsugar? I had to endure a terrible break-up, I felt like a dependent person. I was really bad, I became irritable, impulsive, my thoughts were reduced to the fact that you need to get the sweet.

The brain was starving and sounded alarm - I wanted to eatMore food than usual, to compensate for the lack of sugar in the diet. I was thirsty, I behaved differently than usual. What happened to my body made me think seriously. How to get rid of sugar tolerance? why do I need it?

In a month my taste sensations have changed, IBegan to feel the tastes of different foods more fully. When I tried the chocolate after a long break, it seemed to me that it was unbearably sweet.

My health improved, I lost weight, the digestive system worked perfectly. On my example I was convinced that it is better to come to my senses and stop the actions that harm the body.

excess weight, Problems with the work of internal organs, Premature aging, Diabetes - all these are disastrous consequencesAn overdose of sugar. Try to experiment with your diet - give up sugar for a while. A month is enough for you to realize the seriousness of the power of sugar over you.

Think about sugar addiction, before it's too late. Do not let the sugar ruin your health!