/ How to get rid of nasal congestion

How to get rid of nasal congestion

Acupressure with Sinusitis and sinusitis A great solution for those who do not want toExpose the body to strong drugs. This procedure helps to activate metabolic processes in tissues, improves blood microcirculation in blood vessels and in a short time helps to get rid of the terrible symptoms of the disease.

Acupressure from nasal congestion

Such a massage is shown in the initial stage of the disease,With its acute or chronic course, as well as during remission. You should refuse this procedure if you have a fever, purulent or bacterial sinusitis, there are malignant tumors, as well as inflammatory diseases of the skin of the face.

How to get rid of nasal congestion

  1. exercise 1
    Smooth stroking movements massage the area of ​​the chin and cheeks. Do the massage not too hard, so that you do not have pain.
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  2. exercise 2
    Inside the palm, alternately massage these 6 points on the forehead.
    Acupressure from nasal congestion
  3. Exercise 3
    With your index finger pads, massage these 2 dots over the bridge of your nose.
    Acupressure with nasal congestion
  4. Exercise 4
    Pads of index fingers lightly push on the nose area and leave your hands in this position for a few seconds.
    Acupressure with nasal congestion
  5. Exercise 5
    Fold your hands in fists and massage your thumbs with the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses. Do massage gently so that you do not have pain.
    Acupressure with nasal congestion

See in our video how to perform correctly acupressure.

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