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Useful properties of broccoli

That broccoli is incredibly useful, we've probably heard everything. But very few people know why this is not the most Delicious green product Was awarded a similar title. One of the most famous properties of this vegetable is the ability to stop the growth of cancerous tumors with the help of sulforaphane. This fact is scientifically proven and is beyond doubt.

But there are other incredible advantages that Eating broccoli. Consider the most basic!

Useful properties of broccoli


  1. Prevents cancer
    This is made possible by the content in theA product of glucoraphanin, which the body processes into sulforaphane, which, in turn, is counteracting cancer cells. This element also has Antibacterial properties And helps to treat a stomach ulcer.
  2. Reduces cholesterol
    Broccoli contains a large amount of soluble fiber, which helps to remove cholesterol from the body.
  3. Removes allergic reaction and irritation
    Broccoli contains anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, which reduce the effect of allergens on the body.
  4. The strongest antioxidant
    This vegetable contains a huge amount of vitaminS, as well as flavonoids, which help the body to assimilate it. In addition, broccoli is a storehouse of such powerful antioxidants as beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, etc.
  5. Strengthens bones
    Broccoli contains a large amount of calcium and vitamin K, which are important for the health of bones and the prevention of osteoporosis.
  6. For cardiovascular system
    The anti-inflammatory properties of sulforaphane help prevent (or even cure) certain blood vessel damage caused by inflammation due to chronic problems with sugar in the blood.
  7. Detoxification
    Glucorafanine, gluconasturtin and glucobrawsin are special phytonutrients that support all stages of the process Detoxification of the body, Including neutralization and elimination of harmfulSubstances. These three elements are ideally contained in broccoli. Also this vegetable is rich in isothiocyanates, which help control the detoxification process at the genetic level.
  8. For diets
    Broccoli - a source of smart carbohydrates and fiber,Which help digestion, prevent constipation, maintain low blood sugar levels and restrain overeating. In addition, the same amount of protein in broccoli as in rice or corn, but with half the calories.

I hope these facts will convince you that broccoli is an indispensable product that should always be on the shelf of the refrigerator. Use cabbage for cooking and eat.