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Benefits of fruit salad

fruit salad - it's very simple, satisfying and at the same timeA useful dish. Cut the fruit into a salad takes minimum time, you can combine tastes and try new variations at least every day. And what tastiness turns out, if you fill the salad with low-fat yogurt, you can not convey the words.

With fruit salad in your body will be a massUseful vitamins and trace elements. This dish can be an excellent breakfast, dinner or snack in the middle of the day. Thanks to the fact that the fruit salad is both light and hearty, you can satisfy the hunger and at the same time you will feel light.

Let's go through again for the main reasons why fruit salad is our dish.

fruit salad

Why you need to eat fruit salad

  1. Salads never get bored.
    Different colors and textures of fruits are not only pleasantEye, but also stimulate appetite. Every day you can create a new salad on your own. In addition, in the salad you can add something from vegetables (lettuce leaves), healthy fats (olive oil) and even tuna or shrimp meat.

  2. With their help we get the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables.
    To maintain good health, it is recommended to eat fruit or vegetables 5 times a day. A small apple, a big orange, half a cup of berries - this is already 3 portions.

  3. They are a good source of fiber.
    Despite the fact that the fiber does not containVitamins and minerals, it is still needed by our body. Cellulose gives us a sense of satiety, slowing the release of glucose, and also allows the body to more effectively get rid of waste.

  4. Salads contain many vitamins and minerals.
    Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymesAnd antioxidants that help cells do their job properly. They delay the appearance of signs of premature aging, reduce chronic inflammation and protect our cells from free radicals.

Fruit salad - this is an unusually useful food that will give you a lot of benefits. Moreover, to do them and eat is a pleasure. Fill your refrigerator with fruits and always be in good shape!